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Pad PrintingMarch 4, 2009

Project: Pad Printing a Space Shuttle?

Pad Printing
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pad printing a space shuttle

Here at Inkcups we often get special orders for Top Secret projects. Therefore, that’s all we can say at the moment. We don’t want to get into trouble…

Both items were pad printed with 3 different colors using our very own ICN-150. Paul began by etching the artwork onto a plate using the Cobalt 1000 while Pete mixed up the colors in the ink lab. Soon after, Paul began pouring the ink into the cups and setting them on the plates. The choice of pads is very important as it needs to have the correct shape, size, and durometer for each part.

Before printing the objects need to be adjusted for the fixture to align with the printing plates. Fine tune the registration to get a perfect alignment of each color and we are good to go!

Here are some speculations about where these parts actually go: Space-Shuttle, Shrinking Device, Giant Laser Gun… And Derek just doesn’t know what to think of it!

Any other suggestions of what the objects could be?

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Printer used in this project:

Type: Semi-Automatic Sealed Cup Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-150
Model: 4-color
Standard applications: pens, stress balls, other metal, and plastic parts…
Unconventional applications: space shuttle parts
More info: ICN-150 pad printer page

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