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How-To, Pad PrintingJune 24, 2009

Make Your Pad Printer Ceramic Ring Work Double Shifts!

How-To, Pad Printing
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Are you using a single-sided or double-sided ceramic ring? If you are using a single-sided ring you should look into the benefits of using a double-sided instead. The most obvious reason has to do with the fact that rings can get damaged… yes, sooner or later it will happen, but if you have a double-sided ring you can simply flip the ring over and continue pad printing. If you need to re-assemble an ink cup or flip a double-sided ceramic ring but not quite sure of how to do it, we have a video with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Go ahead, check out our Ink Cup Assembly – Ceramic Ring Changeover video

Users should also have some basic knowledge about the quality of different rings. As a matter of fact, there are just about as many variations in quality as there are manufacturers. Here at ICN we can custom make ink cups to replace cups from other manufacturers. When we make them, we incorporate design improvements, including making their rings double-sided if possible. All the rings that we manufacture are double-sided and made with specialized, extremely durable chip-resistant material to ensure the best quality and life cycle. The picture shows ICN’s double-sided ring and the underlying single-sided ring

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