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Inkjet Printing, ApplicationsAugust 6, 2020

Product Spotlight: XJET800 Automation-Ready Industrial Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printing, Applications
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The XJET800 UV Flatbed Printer is an automation-ready industrial inkjet printer that is the perfect solution for industrial applications such as automotive parts, saw blades, tools and more. With a bed size of 31.5” x 24.4” and an industrial conveyor system, the XJET800 is capable of continuous printing with integrated automation.

What does continuous printing mean?

Continuous printing means that the machine does not need to stop to load or unload parts. With a conveyorized bed, the product is placed on a bed, sent back to the printer for decorating and then is sent back again to drop in a box or to be picked and placed onto another system in the production line. This conveyorized system ensures the bed is constantly moving. It also makes this flatbed inkjet printer the ideal solution for integrated automation.

How can automation be used with the XJET800?

A robotic system can be setup on the front and/or the back of the machine. The robotic arm on the front of the machine will work to place parts on the bed. These parts can be picked off of another conveyor system or simply picked from a box or bin. Once the product has been placed on the XJET800, the product is then sent back to be printed. While the product is printing, the robotic arm on the front of the machine is working to reload the machine. After printing, the conveyor belt will move back, allowing automation for picking parts off of the belt and onto another conveyor system or into a box or bin. This industrial inkjet printer fits perfectly into production lines where agility is key.

What are typical applications for this UV flatbed inkjet printer?

Typical applications for the XJET800 are any pieces that are flat or slightly curved. Specifically, industrial applications are most popular due to the ability to integrate automation. Products that either dangerous for human handling such as sharp saw blades or products that need to continue down a production line are most popular.

flatbed printing on saw bladesprinting industrial parts

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If you are printing on tools, industrial parts, automotive parts, saw blades or any other application that requires an industrial inkjet printer, contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

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