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Pad PrintingMarch 29, 2011

Introducing the ICN-B150 Benchtop Pad Printer

Pad Printing
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benchtop pad printer

Inkcups is proud to introduce the ICN-B150 benchtop pad printer for large images. Inkcups is continuously striving to improve our products, therefore, innovation is our goal. With innovation in mind, we took the popular ICN-150 pad printer and turned it into a benchtop model, maintaining the same features of the ICN-150 in a new smaller size.

Key benefits of the ICN-B150 include:

  • Benchtop design: Consumes a smaller footprint. As a result, the benchtop allows you to easily incorporate the machine into work cells and small spaces.
  • 150mm ink cups: Print large images up to 140mm (5.5″) in size.
  • Powerful compression capability of 779lbs: Allows for easy handling of large, hard print pads.
  • Programmable rear and forward stroke delay: gives the operator complete control over the printing cycle and print opacity.

A popular use of the ICN-B150 is for apparel tag printing. Printing care labels directly onto clothing that may be too large of an image for a standard ink cup and pad to support. Apparel tag printing is now the industry standard on all forms of apparel.

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Printer used in this project:
Type: Semi-Automatic Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-B150
Model: One Color Benchtop
Standard applications: apparel tag printing, pens, stress balls, other metal, and plastic parts…
Unconventional applications: cookies, contact lenses
More info: ICN-B150 Benchtop Pad Printer page

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