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Pad PrintingMay 26, 2011

ICN 2200-PSx High-Speed Pad Printer: The Fastest Ever?

Pad Printing
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July 2022 Update: While the ICN-2200-PSX has been discontinued, our standard 2200-PS 2-color pad printing machine is equipped with this high-speed function.

Inkcups is proud to introduce the ICN 2200-PSX high-speed pad printer. When we say high speed we mean it can print up to 2600 impressions per hour! That’s almost 3 times as fast as other comparable machines. The ICN 2200-PSx is the fastest 2 colors semi-automatic pad printer on the market!

What makes this machine so fast?
•The pad slide mechanism
•The independent cup drive
•Reduced stroke on the pad and the cups

Check out the video to see the 2200-PS pad printer in action!

Want to Learn More about pad printing? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pad Printing Machines

Printer used in this project:
Type: Semi-Automatic Pad Printer
Brand: ICN 2200-PSx
Model: 2 Color High-Speed Pad Slide
Standard applications: apparel tag printing, pens, stress balls, other metal, and plastic parts…

More info: ICN 2200-PS 2-Color Pad Printing Machine with Pad Slide

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