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Company News, Pad Printing InkJuly 15, 2021

Inside Inkcups- Inventory Galore

Company News, Pad Printing Ink
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One of many notable qualities about the Inkcups Headquarters in Massachusetts is the vast amount of inventory available at a moments notice for our customers. Not only is the US Inkcups fully stocked, but the same can be said for the offices and warehouses in Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Germany.

Inkcups Headquarters

From the first step into Inkcups Corporate Headquarters in Danvers, Massachusetts it is sensory overload. Every sense is engaged and heightened, particularly sight. The vast amount of machinery and inventory in Inkcups HQ is impressive beyond belief.  It is the bright and playful colors that draws the eye in, but the quantity of inventory that wows.

Main Floor

The sea of green itself. The main floor is an awe-inspiring vast space, an ever changing but constantly full area of machinery like the Helix®, Double Helix®, and MagiCoat®. Here the technicians wiz through the rows of machines prepping them for their new home. The main floor doubles as a training center for customers for a hands-on learning approach.

Demo Room

The demo room at Inkcups HQ is fully stocked with one of each machine Inkcups has to offer. Each piece of machinery is aesthetically appealing to boot. The printers; X2, X5®, XJET, Helix®, Double Helix®, and Revolution® (to name just a handful) are all vibrant lime green. The calming light blue of the pad printers shell such as the B100, B150, ICN-120, ICN-150, ICN-200 and more, are accompanied by a fluorescent hot pink pad. The VersaCup® is an energetic metallic bright blue. Another room fully stocked and bustling with activity.

Endless Aisles of Ink Inventory

Inkcups HQ houses numerous rows of inkjet and pad printing ink cans. Ink is one of the many items we are able to ship out same day.

Did you know that Inkcups carries ten different lines of ink? This selection ensures that we have right type of ink readily available for your specific printing needs. Check out the Ink Application Chart to compare applications and find the right ink for you.

How do Inks get their color?

This article wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the wide spectrum of colors available from our inks! In need of color matching? We have you covered with our in house Ink Mixologist ready to match and recreate the color(s) you need.

Inkcups pad printing inks are solvent-based, made up of pigments, resin, and our proprietary binders. The rich colors of ink are achieved by high quality powdered pigments that are triple milled to be of the finest texture.

Inkcups is happy to color match for our customers for their pad printing and screen printing needs. Our Ink Mixologists have a keen eye for color and can take a Pantone color and develop the corresponding pad printing ink shade. If a customer is in search of matching a unique color, they can send in a wet or substrate sample that our Ink Mixologists can identify and match the color of. Between our skilled Ink Mixologists and our in-house color matching lab, Inkcups can achieve the ink color you need.

Stocked Warehouses Globally

Not only is the Massachusetts location fully stocked, but the same can be said for the other offices and warehouses around the world. Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Germany all have warehouses fully stocked and offer expedited shipping for their respective area.

Same Day Shipping

Inkcups takes pride in the ability to same day ship many items. Inkcups is equipped to provide same day shipping for inkjet and pad printing inks, solvents, auxiliaries, pad printing supplies, and inkjet supplies.

The Inkcups Way

Here at Inkcups we prioritize having fully stocked shelves, machinery ready to go, being able to service our machines and support our customers no matter where you are located. Inkcups is fully stocked in inventory, experience, and knowledge. For more information call us at 978-646-8980 or Contact Us.

To find out more about why you should choose Inkcups for your promotional, industrial, or apparel printing needs read this The Inkcups Advantage.

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