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Applications, Industry UpdateJune 22, 2021

How to Make Print on Demand Candles with the Helix®

Applications, Industry Update
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Double Helix for printing on candle holders

Print on demand candles are a great gift for friends and family. Currently, labels are printed and adhere to the candle, personalizing it for any occasion. While printed labels offer flexibility in design, the downsides include a clear seam in design, increase in materials used and the inability to reuse the vessel. The print on demand market continues to show strong growth and is branching out into other products other than t-shirts and apparel.

Print on Demand Growth

The print on demand market has grown over 12% over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow. A recent study showed that 48% of consumers are willing to wait longer for customized products. At the same time the acceptance of online shopping has grown 44.5% in the last year. These statistics prove the case for print on demand products. During a time period where in-store shopping was impossible, print on demand offered a solution for gifting.

Benefits of Print on Demand Candles

No Seam in Design

Print on demand candles are currently decorated with a label. Although labels are able to be decorated with beautiful color and other design elements, there will always be a seam. One of the benefits of cylindrical inkjet printing is the seamless, 360-degree print it offers.

Sustainable Process

Since digital printing is a direct to substrate process, there is no additional waste that is seen with alternative methods. The artwork is printed directly onto the product with UV inkjet ink. Extra paper and plastic waste is eliminating, making the shop more appealing to consumers and saving money for the shop.

Ability to Reuse Vessel

Once a candle is used, a digitally printed candle can be used over and over again. When you have finished the candle simply place it in the freezer to harden the wax before popping it out. The candle holder with your personalized design can then be repurposed as a vase or keepsake for years to come.

Cost Effective

Print on demand for candle holders using digital printing offers a cost-effective solution to printing single or low quantity amounts. The difference for printing one candle versus printing hundreds does not differ in cost per unit when it comes to this method.

Takes Personalization to the Next Level

Finally, digital printing takes personalization to the next level by allowing the design to add layers of design elements. A picture can be highlighted with a unique background or pattern to further customize the piece. Digital printing also allows for different design techniques such as mirror printing, tone on tone, stained glass and more.

Helix® for Print on Demand Candles

The Helix® digital cylinder printer has been widely used for printing onto candle holders, but now offers solutions for the print on demand market. By utilizing our patented API along with our barcode scanning system, the Helix is able to connect to eCommerce shops and produce beautifully customized print on demand candles and drinkware. The Helix® can print on both candle holders and directly on the candle itself. See our print on demand solution below:

Learn more about our print on demand drinkware solutions.

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