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How-ToJuly 6, 2021

How to Update Your Print on Demand Wine Tumbler

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Barcode Print on Demand

During the early pandemic alcohol sales soared; today sales continue to remain high.  Wine tumblers are versatile and convenient to bring camping, to the beach, or even lounging by the pool. They make a great gift for every adult in your life especially if it can better reflect the recipient’s personality and interests. Enter print on demand for wine tumblers.

E-commerce continues to be on the rise, even as life and in-store shopping returns to normalcy. There is a positive correlation between consumers continually opting for e-commerce and the demand for personalized gifts. Print on demand for wine tumblers allows numerous benefits including flexibility to print as low as a single piece to hundreds, time saving, and cost effective.

Benefits of Print on Demand Wine Tumbler

Grow Your Business with Print on Demand

Print on demand is a great option for any e-commerce business looking to increase profits by offering customers more options through differentiating their product mix. By offering a variety of products, companies reduce their risk of customers seeking alternatives elsewhere, capturing a greater wallet share.

More information about print on demand drinkware can be found here: Print On Demand Drinkware Solutions

Helix® for Print on Demand Wine Tumblers

The Helix® Digital Cylinder Printer is the best fit for your print on demand needs when it comes to wine tumblers. The Helix® is already the go-to printer when it comes to wine tumblers but print on demand takes ease to the next level for shop owners. By utilizing our patented API paired with our barcode scanning system, the Helix® can connect to eCommerce shops and produce personalized print on demand wine tumblers.

The barcode scanning system is revolutionary because it allows a user to seamlessly flow between hundreds of pieces of artwork. To begin the process adhere labels with corresponding barcodes on the bottom of each wine tumbler. Scan the barcode and the Helix® will pull up the corresponding artwork from the database and begin printing. After a mere 30 seconds of drying time remove your tumbler and repeat.

Adhesion: How Digital Ink Sticks

There are two types of pre-treatment for adhesion to ensure ink sticks to your choice of drinkware: plasma and corona. Either of these adhesion systems can be integrated into a Helix®.

Both systems have the same end goal, changing the surface tension of the substrate, but different execution. The plasma pre-treatment is a flame process that utilizes the plasma of a flame to change the surface tension of the substrate whereas the corona pre-treatment uses an electrical charge. Due to the nature of the pre-treatments the plasma is the more powerful of the two.

At Inkcups our application specialists are happy to preform adhesion testing for our customers in our lab. The best part about a pre-treatment? No need for a post-treatment! That way after your pre-treatment and printing your product is ready to go out the door.

Move Quickly Between Drinkware

The Helix® is known for its easy changeover between drinkware, from wine tumbler to water bottle to beer glass. Offer customers endless options of type of drinkware, all at minimal effort to you.

Design Techniques with Helix®

The past technology of dye sublimation for drinkware is quickly being phased out with the advances of digital printing.  Simply put, digital printing allows easier customization than dye sublimation as it bypasses using sublimation paper, cutting to size, and heat sealing by printing directly onto your wine tumbler with ink.  By opting to print digitally rather than dye sublimation you not only eliminate substantial waste, you will also save time.

Printing with the Helix® digitally versus dye sublimation eliminates the need for a label, thus allowing your product to be printed with a seamless design. The Helix® offers numerous other specialty design techniques including contour print, UV spot varnish, matte print, and photographic print.

Easy Process with Print on Demand with Helix®

Print on demand for wine tumblers utilizing the Helix® is as easy as could be. The four-step process begins by 1) receive your order, 2) pick the drinkware to print on, 3) scan the barcode for the corresponding artwork, and 4) step back and let the Helix® do its thing and print for you!


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