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Pad PrintingDecember 1, 2011

Inkcups Creates Custom Pad Printing Part Fixture

Pad Printing
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pad printing fixture

Inkcups is a company of many services, one of which is creating a custom pad printing part fixture. Our engineers can create a fixture based on a customer’s specifications or, as in this instance, create one from molding the part. ICN’s custom molds are intended to fit your part flawlessly in order to prevent it from moving while printing.

Inkcups not only create mold style fixtures but our engineers also develop a metal or acrylic pad printing part fixture that is 100% unique to your parts specifications. In addition to pad printing, fixtures are also available for screen printing and UV printing. Fixtures are a great way to ensure flawless print registration on each part consistently. Fixtures allow for faster loading and unloading of parts and potentially maximize the number of parts per fixture.

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Pad Printing
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