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Laser Plate-makingOctober 27, 2011

Laser Etching Nameplates With the Cobalt 1000 Fiber Laser

Laser Plate-making
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Update for July 2022: The Cobalt 1000 has been discontinued and replaced with the CobaltONE. The CobaltONE is only used for etching plates or cliches for pad printing. If laser engraving is needed, the Cobalt PRO is a better alternative.

The Cobalt1000 fiber laser is an excellent piece of machinery. It is capable of etching very fine detailed images of hard materials such as steel. This versatile laser etcher can easily accommodate custom machine fixtures, similar to the one shown in the video. In this video a custom nameplate fixture is placed into the laser engraving machine. The text on each individual plate is fully customizable. A full fixture is capable of etching 20 nameplates in only a minute and a half (that’s about 1000 an hour!)

Laser used in this project:
Type: YAG Fiber Laser w/fixture
Brand: Cobalt 1000
More info: Cobalt 1000 page

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