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Pad PrintingDecember 7, 2011

Image Sizing Template for Pad Printing Ink Cup

Pad Printing
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Here at Inkcups, we are always working to make the lives of our customers easier. One less thing to worry about is always a great thing! We have created two artwork sizing templates to ensure your image will fit within the diameter of the pad printing ink cup. One template is designed for use with 90mm ink cups, the other is for larger 150mm ink cups. Each cup is for use within a standard pad printing machine.

Simply open the attached file in adobe illustrator or any other artwork programs to use the template. If the image does not seem to fit your pad printing ink cup, contact an ICN technician, they are always happy to help!

Recommended Ink cups to use in this Project:

ICN VersaCup® (available in 90mm or 150mm in size)
Updated ToughCup coating is available:
Ink resistant coating! No more chemicals to clean your cup.
For more information about Ink cups from Inkcups, click here.

Download the 90mm Sizing Image:
PDF Download

Download the 150mm Sizing Image:

PDF Download

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