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Pad PrintingMay 19, 2010

ICN-2200LS Video: Linear Indexing Conveyor Pad Printer

Pad Printing
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pad printing machine

Introducing the versatile and fast pad printing machine, the 2200LS 2-color linear conveyor pad printing machine.

The ICN-2200LS is a two-color linear indexing conveyor pad printer with a sealed cup pad printing system. In particular, this model is fitted with the linear conveyor, great for situations where future production volumes are unknown or likely to increase. The ICN-2200LS also has an XYR micro-adjust plate holder, allowing the user to achieve accurate prints every time! It’s quick and easy to use!

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Printer used in this project:
Type: Linear Indexing Conveyor Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-2200LS
Model: Two Color
Standard applications: neck tagless labels, pens, stress balls, other met, and plastic parts…
More info: ICN-2200LS 2-Color Linear Conveyor Pad Printing Machine

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