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Laser Plate-makingNovember 11, 2010

Is it Time to Switch to a Cobalt 1000 Laser Etching Machine?

Laser Plate-making
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Update for July 2022: The Cobalt 1000 has been discontinued and replaced with the Cobalt ONE fiber laser etching machine. The Cobalt ONE boasts a smaller design with high-quality fiber laser technology.

Inkcups Now’s Cobalt 1000 laser etching machine is a serious piece of machinery. It is important to understand what this machine can do and if you are ready to own one before you make a purchase. Follow these three easy steps to better understand if you will benefit from a Cobalt 1000.

The first step is to evaluate your business. Is volume increasing? Are orders becoming overwhelming? The Cobalt 1000 etches faster than any other laser we offer because of its powerful ND YAG laser technology. Co2 lasers are weaker than YAG and require more passes over the plate or part, taking up to 10 times as long to make an etch.

Do you require a higher quality image? The spot size for the Cobalt 1000 laser etcher is significantly smaller than Co2 lasers, by about 10% or more! The smaller dot size results in a finer etch, ideal for small text or a high-quality print.

The second step is to evaluate how this machine will grow your business. There is no question that the Cobalt 1000 will give you higher quality etches, however it is up to you to determine how you will use it to your advantage. If you are currently using a laser engraver, photopolymer plates, or want to start etching, the Cobalt 1000 will increase production speed and quality.

The third step is to contact an expert. Do not act out of instinct or by internet research, talk to an expert that can provide you will all the information you will need to know. Talk to the Inkcups Now laser experts who build and install these machines!

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