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ApplicationsJuly 6, 2023

Graphics Pro Article: How to Elevate UV Cylindrical Drinkware

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In a highly competitive world where numerous drinkware brands vie for the spotlight as the viral vessel of the season, you can set your brand apart by providing captivating print techniques that others struggle to replicate swiftly and effectively. Metallic vessels, like stainless steel tumblers, remain popular and serve as perfect substrates for decorating with metallic designs, typically a time-consuming and cumbersome manual process. 

Similar to mirror print on glassware, where the artwork is visible from both the interior and exterior, the Lustre Effect enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vessel, creating a highly captivating product. 

Harness the power of customization for drinkware and unlock greater sales potential by providing customers with an added level of pizzazz through metallic colors, graphics, and designs. Elevate your offerings with the captivating print technique known as the Lustre Effect, enabling the effortless creation of stunning metallic images on metal drinkware. Streamlining the process, this innovative solution simplifies the path to extraordinary designs, amplifying the appeal of your products. 

The Helix® ONE, paired with the Lustre Effect technology software, presents numerous advantages for brand managers, product managers, advertising agencies, and other organizations seeking to stand out from competitors by incorporating distinctive metallic colors and designs into their products. 

The Lustre Effect allows for a metallic appearance on aluminum, stainless steel, and other metal cylindrical vessels. It offers a range of hundreds of metallic shades for unique and eye-catching graphics. For limitless creativity, it also provides unlimited embellishment features to create gradations, dimensions, hidden and subtle watermarks, and patterns using metallic colors. This innovative solution simplifies the entire design and print production process, benefiting both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Through the elimination of labor-intensive manual steps and the avoidance of trial and error, the Lustre Effect proves to be a time and resource-saving solution to achieve metallic designs. This empowers brands, regardless of their size, to focus their efforts on what truly matters – crafting exquisite works of art with meticulous precision, all in the most efficient and cost-effective manner conceivable. 

By utilizing the Lustre Effect, one can effortlessly set products apart from competitors. The Helix® ONE is ideal for decorating one-off pieces, creating unique metallic drinkware that entices even the most discerning customers. 

This article was first published in the July 2023 issue of Graphics Pro Magazine.


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