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Customer Success StoryJuly 25, 2023

How Inkcups Technology Paved the Way for a Brand-New Business

Customer Success Story
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Who doesn’t love a success story? Let’s set the scene and take you on the journey of a customer that catapulted their business to the next level by leveraging Inkcups technology. Proper Goose, a personalized gift producer based in Surrey, began producing a wide range of personalized items in 2015 for occasions such as Father’s Day, birthdays, and even King Charles III’s Coronation.  


Bespoke champagne flutes and candles were especially popular with Proper Goose customers. However, they spotted a gap in the market: personalization on drinkware. Did you know that drinkware is the “Number 1 Hot Product of the decade” in the promotional product marketplace? Second to T-shirts, it’s the most popular promotional product with 9% of all distributor sales in the $25.8 billion market (T-shirts represent 15.1% of distributor sales).  

Back to the Proper Goose journey. To meet this clear drinkware demand, the next step was to invest in technology that could match their ambition, and the Inkcups  Helix® Hi-Fi, Double Helix®, and Magicoat® Pre-Treatment System soon joined the Proper Goose family. The capabilities, quality, and speed delivered by the Inkcups Helix® range of printers sparked a lightbulb moment for the team and paved the way for Bottled Goose, a new, trade-focused arm of the business. From little acorns grow big oak trees and today, Bottled Goose has worked with a wealth of leading brands such as Lucozade, Duplo, Kew Gardens, and Winchester Distillery.   

The cylindrical inkjet printers from Inkcups used by Bottled Goose are a perfect match for digitally printing on drinkware, ideal for premium glassware, stadium cups, tumblers, barware, shot glasses, water bottles, candles, and more. This patented technology will achieve superior quality, full-color and seamless graphics and is not seen anywhere else on the market. To find out more about the Helix® range, click here 

Bottled Goose requires seamless printing onto cylindrical and tapered products. The ability to print onto pre-filled bottles was paramount, which the Inkcups Helix® range paired with Transparent Pin Curing (TPC) fulfilled with ease. The very nature of supplying to the trade means that there can be fluctuations in volume of products required. This varies from personalized one-off items such as a specialist whisky bottles for a client, to tens of thousands of units such as branded glasses or bottles for events. The Inkcups Helix® range offers this flexibility with no compromise on quality. The simple process from receiving the client’s artwork and then it being sent directly to the printer, offers an easy and streamlined experience for clients. Speed and efficiency from the first moment.  

Testing the quality output for Bottled Goose products is a crucial element of being able to offer the specialist service to their clients. Tests on the durability of the printed product confirm that it is dishwasher safe, scratch resistant, and outstanding quality. Inkcups understands that their clients need trust in the printing and in them, and their business relies on excellence at every stage. 

So, what next for Bottled Goose? Well, they are not planning on stopping their business growth anytime soon. Ambition is at the core of their business and Inkcups is firmly centered at the heart of that growth and will continue to provide the quality and superior printing outcomes they are known for. 

Looking to start your journey with Inkcups? Contact us today.

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