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Inkjet PrintingDecember 5, 2019

What to look for in a cylindrical bottle printer

Inkjet Printing
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After you have decided that a cylindrical bottle printer is for you, it’s time to start analyzing different companies and what they have to offer. While the machine itself is important for what you’re printing on, working with a company that offers a comprehensive service and support plan is just as important. This list will take you through qualifying factors for purchasing the right cylindrical bottle printer for you.

1. Cylindrical Bottle Printer


First and foremost, you must understand how many parts you will need to print in order to make a successful cylindrical bottle printer purchase. Typically, speed for these printers are measured in parts per hour or pph. The company you are analyzing should have this information on their website. For most cylindrical bottle printers, speed is calculated by the artwork size. For example, for the Helix digital cylinder printer, speed is determined by the height of the artwork. If the artwork is a small, 1” logo, the speed will be much faster than a full-height image size of 8.6”.

 Design capabilities








Another important factor is the need for specialty design capabilities. While printing full-color utilizing a cylindrical bottle printer is impressive, some machines are able to achieve mirror print, spot varnish, stained glass, tone-on-tone and even a frosted look. Customer needs are always changing and the want for uniqueness is ever-growing. It is important to be creative when choosing your cylindrical bottle printer.

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High-quality images

Of course, the quality of the imaging is another extremely important deciding factor. Looking for crisp, clean imaging can be accomplished when looking at printed samples. Be sure to look for smooth gradients and vibrant colors.

Maximum image size

Aside from the design capabilities, ask your potential cylindrical bottle printer manufacturer the maximum image size. Be clear when asking this question as some companies will require an additional print head for taller images which will result in a higher cost. In addition to maximum image height, also ask for 360-degree seamless printing. There are many great cylindrical bottle printers

Minimum and maximum part diameter and height

When looking at the minimum and maximum part diameters and heights of these machines, think about your product and the future of your company. Are you going to stick with printing on the same product for years to come? Or, do you see your product line changing in the near future? Whatever the case, be sure to choose a cylindrical bottle printer that provides the flexibility for easily switching over parts.

Single pass vs. Multi pass vs. Helical

Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the different cylindrical bottle printer technologies out there as well. While some machines are single pass, there are also multi-pass, helical and more in the field. This comprehensive document will help you to understand rotary printing is.

Pre-treatment (integrated vs. separate machine)

Pre-treatment for substrates is extremely important. When choosing a machine, look at what pre-treatment methods the company offers. Glass, for example, requires flame-treatment and an additional primer to ensure ultimate dishwasher adhesion. If a design is printed on a bottle without this pre-treatment, the adhesion results will be disappointing. There are a few options when it comes to looking at a cylindrical bottle printer. A machine may have pre-treatment integrated. This allows the entire process to be completed within the machine. Or, pre-treatment could be a separate system altogether. For whichever option you choose, have the company run samples for you to ensure everything is done to your expectations.

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2. Cylindrical Bottle Printer Manufacturers

Experience with applications/extensive knowledge

When deciding on a company to purchase machinery from, looking for quality service and support is just as important as the qualifications of the machine itself. Companies who have experience with many different applications have the knowledge to print on even the most difficult substrates. They can even provide a full report on which processes worked and didn’t work. Remember, the company you purchase your cylindrical bottle printer from should be a partner for the entirety of the life of the machine.


A company that can not only supply the cylindrical bottle printer, but the supplies as well is ideal. This saves companies time and money from looking for their own suppliers of products that may not be compatible with the process. Here are a few supplies needed to get your cylindrical bottle printer up and running:

  • Digital Inks
  • Primers/pre-treatment
  • Tooling/fixturing
  • Spare parts


Global support

Work with a company that is accessible to you at all times. Whether it be multiple locations all over the globe, or close proximity to major airports, it is important for your company to be able to get to you within a moment’s notice. While proximity to major cities and airports may not be the first qualifier on your list, it is critical to note.

Adhesion support

Cylindrical bottle printers are perfect for many different shapes, sizes and substrates. While shape and size will require a different fixture or tooling setup, different substrates may require different inks and pre-treatment methods. Companies that provide comprehensive adhesion support are critical for growth. In an ever-growing market, working with a company that can provide a full outline of processes completed is very helpful.


Moving to our last point is cost. While cost is a huge factor, it is important to note the intangible features before working with a cylindrical bottle printer manufacturer. Make sure the company you decide to choose gives you a full outline of what each item will cost and don’t forget to future proof.

Purchasing a cylindrical bottle printer is a large investment and companies should be thoroughly vetted before choosing one. While this list of questions is a start, there are more intricate questions that each company will have relative to their own product. The key is to future-proof your machine decision as well as the ongoing relationship with your vendor of choice.


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