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Employee SpotlightsDecember 10, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Jacob Adner

Employee Spotlights
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Inkcups Employee Spotlight


Jacob: “I’ve been with Inkcups since the beginning of May, but I’ve been around the company for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a great community, people seem to really love coming to work here. They enjoy the community, they enjoy interacting with customers. We always have great reviews and it’s just really a positive, hardworking, driven environment, which I’ve come to really love.

I work as a inkjet sample technician for the digital department and my job focuses on dealing directly with customers to solve their issues in terms of adhesion as well as basically to scope out whether or not Inkcups has a solution that will work for their business, to improve ROI or solve a problem they haven’t been able to that digital might provide a solution for. It’s been a really good experience and the department it very fast paced, so it’s been fun.

Every day is kind of different, which is nice. As I said before, we deal with all sorts of different problems and different types of customers and solutions. Our product line is so versatile that we deal with all types of industries. It means every day is different for us. One day I could be printing pint glasses, the next day I could be printing squishy stress balls for a company in Mexico or doing electrical parts for a company in China or having a demo for a company that does wedding invitations in North Carolina. I mean it really depends on the day. I could be doing a number of things for each different customer. It could be adhesion testing, it could be sample printing, it could be demo prepping, it could be troubleshooting on the phone. We really do it all. It is all in the name of making sure the customer is satisfied and up and running.

The basic flow of the job would be we get the information in from the sales team, they soft of brief us on what the product is supposed to do, what it’s supposed to look like at the end of the sampling process, so we have sort of an idea of what our goal should be as we go through it. A lot of times if its not as straightforward we’ll set up a kickoff call with the customer, just to align on expectations throughout the job, so that we’re all on the same page. We’ll go through our adhesion testing and make sure we have a solution. If we don’t, we’ll go back to the customer, talk to them about the composition of their product, make sure its something we are sort of aware of everything. Once we establish adhesion, we’ll go through, make the prints as best as we can. We don’t like to send anything out of here that we aren’t proud of. So, we try to establish what we like to think of as first time right samples, make sure that once they’re out the door, they’re right, they’re ready to go. So when the customer gets them in hand it’s a wow kind of experience, that they’re not dull, so we want to make sure they all look really good going out the door. It’s a standard process from start to finish. Align my expectations, recognize issues, solve them, get them out the door looking nice.

We do a lot of problem solving on our end of the business. Sometimes customers will come to us with a product that they haven’t really found a perfect solution for in terms of providing artwork and getting it all onto the product in the right manner, so our job is to orient the product in the right way to make it look as best as possible. So, sometimes we get products that we’ve never even heard of, but we have a decent solution for. Others are pretty standard, you know, everyone drinks out of a pint glass, so we’ll print on plenty of those. But every business is different and they all have different needs and our job is to sort of go in there and make sure we’ve provided an adequate solution.

What am I most proud of regarding the service we provide? I think that Inkcups is a company who is versatile and deals with so many different solutions and products and business and I think that’s probably what makes the company unique in that it is able to surpass expectations in areas and industries that we may have never had experience in before. And I think that’s unique. I don’t think many companies are able to take what they do best, and apply it to a completely new solution and exceed and excel and surpass expectations of the customer. I think it’s a pretty amazing company in that aspect. I think that we really do a good job when it comes down to it and our customer satisfaction rate shows for it, everyone seems really happy, and we all just get glowing feedback throughout the company.

And, I think our digital department does a great job providing one to one customer service for customers who are experiencing technical difficulties, process difficulties, they are experiencing adhesion difficulties, which is where our sample techs come into play. But, we really do a comprehensive job supporting our customer base and making sure that everyone receives the answers they need whether or not they are in our portfolio of standard answers. We’ve had all types of different problems come up and within that wide array we are able to flexibly answer questions to our customer’s satisfaction. So I think that’s something that we provide in terms of service that customers may not be aware of. Our trouble shooting is very strong, I think on-site, I don’t think customers necessarily see that on an everyday basis. So, I think if you had to highlight something that the digital department does very well, I would say that our trouble shooting is very good when our customers are in a pinch, whether that be adhesion or technical difficulties, or print consistency, or color matching, or anything like that, process functionality. So, our trouble shooting is really top notch, we really have a good support system for that. And I think our broad customer base probably isn’t aware of it necessarily because if they don’t run into issues they don’t have to call us and have us bail them out, but those that do I think find that we are very responsive and we actually really do care about getting problems solved and making sure that business is up and running again. So, I think that’s something that would be different.

There’s just so many different things that the company does. I mean each client is different right. So, it really depends, but I think our versatility makes us who we are.”

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