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Pad Printing, Pad Printing InkApril 5, 2022

CG Series Spotlight

Pad Printing, Pad Printing Ink
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CG Series ink

Are you familiar with our pad printing ink line, the CG Series? If not, never fear. Together let us take a magnifying glass to CG inks to find out what makes them special. Spoiler alert! Highlights include:

  • Non-toxic
  • Dishwasher safe after heat cure
  • Perfect for pad printing on drinkware, cosmetic bottles, and more!


The CG Series pad printing ink was created specifically for use on glass, ceramic, and metal substrates. Our customers have seen excellent results printing on stainless steel mugs, ceramic mugs, cosmetic bottles, glass bottles, faucets, and even light bulbs! But don’t stop there, the CG Series pad printing ink is an excellent choice for printing on the following surfaces: plated, chromed, lacquered, hard plastics and epoxy resins. Printing on those surfaces results in an opaque finish, with a satin gloss.

The CG Series are 2-component inks. Pad printing inks are typically mixed with a solvent, these are refereed to as one component inks. 2-component inks on the other hand means that an ink from this line also accepts a hardener along with a solvent. While trail and error to find the correct ratio may be necessary, we find success with adding 10% of the weight of the ink, of hardener. Ink mixing is an art, and the outcome greatly effects the print quality. We have created videos about the ink mixing process just for this reason. Find this resource here.

pad printing on glass

Pair your CG Series with a heat cure after printing to ensure excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. Once heat cured, items printed with CG Series ink will be dishwasher safe. Other notable features about the CG series ink line include the fact that it is non-toxic, and specially formulated with pigments that are free of heavy metals. This ink is available in numerous shades and we offer custom color matching. We have provided all of the resources on our site for your convenience, find the standard CG Series Ink color chart and the high density colors today.

Get started pad printing on drinkware today with CG Series inks. Contact us for more information. 

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