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Digital, Screen and Pad Printing News:
New Products and New Technology

New Location, New Hire!
Brand New Headquarters, European Sales Manager

Digital Printing Europe Sales Inkcups is proud to announce that we haved opened a brand new European headqurters in Germany! The new headquarters will feature a demo room to promote new technology along with a warehouse to stock most of Inkcups’ equipment and supplies. The new location will also include a local technician to support our machines and train customers.

Christian Fischer will head the German location as European Sales Manager. With over ten years of experience in the printing industry, Christian is ready to guide and develop the new headquarters. The new location will also include a local technician to support our machines and train customers.

For more information, please contact Christian at + or christianf@inkcups.com

Inkcups Europe:
Gewerbestrasse 15
D-57258 Freudenberg

Check it out!

Product Update!
PP Primer is now available in a larger siPP Primer in gallon size by Inkcupsze!

Due to popular demand, PP Primer is now available for sale in a gallon size! Perfect for polypropylene and polyethylene surfaces, PP Primer is a great alternative to flame, corona or plasma pre-treatment; processes in which the surface tension is modified to promote ink adhesion.

Check it out!

New Technical Article!
Inkcups Unveils Transfer Printer Article by Richard Stuart-Turner featured in FespaDaily

Xtrans and Helix at FESPA 2016 Inkcups was present at FESPA Digital in The Netherlands highlighting industrial heat transfer printing on the new Xtrans and rotary printing on the Helix®. This article highlights key features and benefits of both machines.

Check it out!

New Technical Article!
Laser Plate-Making for Pad Printing Article by Ben Adner Published in Specialist Printing Worldwide Magazine

Laser Plate-Making Article by Ben Adner Ben Adner's Technical Article on Laser Plate-Making options was published in Specialist Printing Worldwide magazine. The article is an overview of 3 types of Laser Plate-Makers avaialbe on the market today, their strengths and weaknesses and who should consider each laser type.

Check it out!

New Offer!
Same Day Shipping on Select Printing Pads

Same day Pad Printing News Announcing same day shipping on select pad printing pads! Inkcups Now expert pad printing technicians have chosen sixteen pads that are eligible for same day shipping. These sixteen pads are considered to be suitable for 90% of all printing applications.

All pads are made of Inkcups Now's own EverFlex® material and are available in 2 different durometers (50 / 60 durometer.)

Try swapping out your current pad printing pads for our same day pads.
View the Full List of Pads!

New Certification!
Inkcups Now Passes Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certification

Ink Compliance Pad Printing News The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile. Product Class 1 certification is the strictest of all class certifications because these are textile items for babies and toddlers up to 3 years (clothing, toys, bed linen, terry cloth items etc.) Product class 1 encompasses product class 2 through 4, meaning: the Sapphire® Series SB tagless ink is certified safe for babies and toddlers up to 3 years, textiles used close to the skin, textiles used away from the skin and furnishing materials.

View the Certification!

New Products!
Introducing Inkcups Now's New Line of Laser Plate Makers

Tagless Printing ArticlePlatemaking Made Easy!
Inkcups Now has simplified the platemaking process. Introducing the Cobalt 2000 and Cobalt 3000 laser platemakers, designed and manufactured in-house by Inkcups Now technicians. These are the most affordable laser platemakers on the market today. Now any size print shop can afford a laser.
Which laser is right for you?

Check out the video here!

New Article!
Tagless Printing Article in SGIA Journal Featuring Inkcups Now

Tagless Printing Article Inkcups Now is featured in SGIA Journal!
President and CEO Ben Adner co-wrote an extensive article about Tagless printing. The article contains all the information anyone would ever need to learn about Tagless printing and how to get started.

Check it out!

New Product!
The XR Rotary Inkjet Printer

Rotary Inkjet Printer Introducing the XR Rotary Inkjet Printer! Designed to print on drink ware and other opaque cylinders. Built with the same technology as the XJET and X2®, the XR delivers high performance and amazing prints.

The XR Rotary's unique fixture design allows it to print a complete 360° wrap around any bottle or cylinder.

Read more here XR Rotary.

New Article!
XJET's success in Europe

Sign MagazineSign Magazine reports: Igo-Post, one of the largest promotional companies in Europe, swtiched from a Mimaki UJF-3042-HG to XJET, "a real industrial tool." Now they have 3 of the XJETs.

Read the article in Dutch.

New Video!
SPEED RUN: The X2® Flatbed UV Printer VS The Mimaki UJF-6042

Flatbed UV PrinterCheck out this amazing video showcasing the awesome speed of the X2® flatbed inkjet printer. Watch the speed test versus the Mimaki UJF-6042 in real-time without any edits. The results are shocking!

Learn more about the X2® Flatbed UV Printer from Inkcups Now!!

New Product!
CrystaLAZE® Plates - CO2 Laser Plates

Laser PlatesInkcups Now is excited to introduce yet another ground-breaking innovation! Created and developed by Inkcups Now, CrystaLAZE® (patent pending) plate material is a revolutionary laser engravable plate like no other in the industry! CrystaLAZE® has a uniform, consistent hardness, will perform perfectly all the time and withstands up to 50,000 impressions.

Unlike most CO2 laser plate materials used in the marketplace today (which is simply pre-hardened polymer plates), CrystaLAZE® plates are specifically formulated to be etched by CO2 lasers. The surface of CrystaLAZE® is compatible with the CO2 wavelength enabling the finest detail to be etched – more than any CO2 laser plate material available today!

Learn more about C02 Laser plates from Inkcups Now!

New Product!
X-Series 220 - Mimaki UV Cartridges

Mimaki inkGOT MIMAKI®? The X-Series 220 ink (X-220) is a revolutionary UV LED inkjet ink for the Mimaki UJF 3042 & 6042 inkjet printers. The X-220 Mimaki UV cartridges are a lower cost alternative to the LH-100™ ink by Mimaki. The ink is a direct color match of the LH-100 (no adjusting color profiles & no flushing the lines.)

At Inkcups Now, we are never satisfied with “just good enough”. So we improved the X-Series 220 Mimaki ink. The X-220 has better flexibility and a higher resistance to scratch and chemical abrasion. X-220 also comes with the INKCUPCARE Head Warranty - Inkcups Now Corporation warrants that the X–220 inks will not cause damage to the Mimaki 3042 or 6042 print head or ink system.

Learn more about X-220 Mimaki UV cartridges!

Inkcups Now Expands California Office and Warehouse!

Screen-Printing-Ink-California Inkcups Now is excited to announce the brand new 3,000square foot office, warehouse and demo room for our western states sales team. Our new warehouse can now offer same day, low cost shipping for all of our most popular products. The warehouse contains our complete line of Sapphire® ink, solvents and auxiliary supplies as well as inkjet inks, printing plates, and pads.

The state of the art demo room features our most popular machines from the ICN-B100 to the ICN-2200PS. More machines are to be added in early 2014 including screen printers and inkjet printers. We are very excited that we now have a place where customers can come in and see our machines in action!

The ICN western states office also offers all the same great services Inkcups Now has been known for such as PMS color matching, ink adhesion testing, and printing pad selection. Not to mention our expert technical support for all of our equipment.

ICN West has a great team consisting of hard working and knowledgeable employees. The Western office has Victor Uzarraga, our expert technician who has been with Inkcups Now since 2008. Victor offers sales and service to our customers in English and Spanish. Anna Uzarraga handles the day to day customer service and shipping for the western states.The sales manager of ICN West is Mike Bistocchi, give him a call today!

Learn more about the Western States Facility!

New Home!
Inkcups Now is Moving and Expanding!!

inkcups-new-corporate-headquarters We are excited to announce that Inkcups Now will start the new 2013 year in a new Home! On the left is the aerial view of the new building.

As of January 1st, ICN Headquarters, Main Production and Main Warehouse will be located at the gorgeous 26 000 square foot facility at 310 Andover Street in Danvers, Massachusetts. It's about a mile from our old place, and all contact information (except the street name) stays the same.

The production and warehousing area will be located on one level, allowing further improvement of collaboration and production efficiency. Stay tuned for housewarming pictures!

More information about the move!

New Product!
R280 - 2-Color Screen Printer

industrial-inkjet-printer Looking for an industrial screen printer that can meet high demand yet is compact in size? Then look no further than the R280 2-color screen printer. The R280 is a great t-shirt printing machine as well as promotional products.

The features of the R280 include: 2 print heads, an 8-station tooling platform (that is adjustable depending on the part), 4 high output flash cure units, and the ability to print a maximum print size of 4.75” x 7.75”. Auto unload capabilities are also available!

More about the R280

New Product!
XJET - Industrial Inkjet Printer

industrial-inkjet-printerThe first of its kind! A UV LED printer capable of short-run inkjet printing and long-run industrial printing. The XJET UV inkjet printer is inexpensive to tool and quick to changeover, it is conveyorized for high throughput and automation capability.

Weighing 1550lbs, this industrial inkjet printer is built for high production printing. Featuring: six print heads (CMYKWW), UV LED curing, uni or bi-directional printing, and a programmable servo-controlled load station (patent pending.

More about the XJET

New Product!
R-160 – Screen Printer

R-160 Screen Printing Press The R-160 is a one of a kind screen printer that produces images up to 4.75 by 7.75 inches. This rotary printer features 6-part fixtures which enable rapid screen printing of up to 1800 prints per hour. The R-160 addresses the challenge of printing images that are too big for traditional pad printing equipment and enables better utilization of large textile screen printers, which are normally geared for larger images.

More about the R-160

New Publication!
Tag Printing Article - Published in Specialty Printing Worldwide

Inkcups Now published an Apparel Tag Printing Technology overview in the January edition ofSpecialist Printing Worldwide magazine (www.specialistprinting.com), which has the circulation in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Here is an exerpt:

Apparel Manufacturers Taking the Route to Cost-reduction
Over the past few years, the so-called Label-free Apparel – T-shirts, jeans, underwear and other garments that do not have sewn-in care labels – are becoming the new standard in apparel manufacturing. Not only is this trend popular with the consumers (who are spared of the annoying tags and the urge to cut them out), but it also brings in a magnitude of cost savings to the producers. The following article describes and compares the most popular label-free techniques, these being heat transfer labelling, screen-printing and pad printing..."

Read full article - PDF
Read full article - webpage

New Product!
ICN-2200PSx - Pad Printer with Pad Slide

Pad Printer with Pad Slide The ICN-2200-PSx is a variant of ICN-2200-PS. The PSx is a 2-color pad printer with the Pad Slide mechanism and maximized printing speed. This pad printer is geared to accommodate the highest production speed requirements on the Apparel Tag Printing and Promotional Product market.

Faster speeds are achieved due to three features that distinguish the 2200-PSx from the 2200-PS:
  • Independent cup drive
  • Reduced stroke on the pad and the cups
  • Special programming for the timing of the second color print
More about the ICN-2200PSx

New Product!
ICN-B150 Pad Printer

Silicone Ink The new ICN-B150 pad printer is the big brother to the B100 tabletop model. Like its brother, the B150 is a compact tabletop pad printer; the only difference is this is an industrial grade single-color pad printer for large images. The 150mm patented VersaCup® ink cup assembly prints images of up to 140mm in size! The powerful compression capability of 779lbs allows for easy handling of large, hard print pads, which enables printing of highest quality images on tagless garments, drink ware, injection molded housing, bezels and other products up to 5.5" inches in height.

More about the ICN-B150

New Product!
SI Series - Silicone Ink

Silicone Ink The SI Series ink is our newest innovation at Inkcups Now. The SI Series ink is designed to have superior adhesion quality to silicone materials. Items such as wristbands, iPod covers, and remote control buttons are all typical applications for the SI Series ink. The SI Series ink is available in all standard ink colors.

More about SI Series ink

January 2011
Inkcups Now Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

The company started off 10 years ago in the basement of the Adners' household, with just one product - the VersaCup® ink cup - that Ben Adner (the President and Chief Trendsetter) engineered and patented. Soon, Ben's enthusiasm and insight brought aboard Elaine Brown (the Smart Upbeat Operations Manager), then Bob Taylor (the Hardest Working Production Manager Ever), then Mike Bissel (the Omniscient VP, better know in the industry as The Legend), then Paul Strunk (the Unstoppable Sales Manager) - and then, one by one, all of us, proud members of the winning ICN Team.

True to its roots, Inkcups Now carries on with the core values of innovation, customer focus and teamwork. We want to thank all of our valued customers and partners who made this jorney possible! And we promise to continue the hard work for our mutual success and prosperity.

New Product!
ICN-2200PS - Pad Printer with Pad Slide

Pad Printer with Pad SlideThe ICN-2200PS is a 2 color sealed cup pad printer with a heavy-duty dual position pneumatic pad slide mechanism. This setup, where the pad unit is moving and the printed part stays put, simplifies fixturing and provides extra assurance of flawless second color registration for heavy or large and flexible items, such as tagless garments or bulky promotional products.

The pad slide also provides an extremely time-efficient two color print cycle, which makes a difference when dealing with very high (industrial) production volumes and nearing the highest speed possible for the human operators.

More about the ICN-2200PS

New Page!
Tagless Label Technology Comparison:
Pad Printing vs. Heat Transfer

Tagless label technology

When it comes to printing tagless labels there are two predominant methods that stand out: pad printing or heat transfer. Often people do not know the differences between the two and make the wrong decision. Pad printed tagless labels are the rising trend in the apparel industry, and heat transfer is on the decline. When it comes to consumer health, costs, durability, production speed and branding flexibility, pad printed tags have a number of crucial advantages.

In order to assist people in making the right decision, we have provided a tagless label comparison chart.

For a more detailed chart click here

New Product!
120mm Ink Cup for Printex Pad Printers!

120mm ink cup for Printex We designed a replacement 120mm ink cup for Printex machines. Unlike the original (on the left), the VersaCup® for Printex (on the right) is easy to clean, has enclosed magnets that do not scratch the plate and comes with a double-sided ceramic ring.

More about 120mm ink cup for Printex

New Product!
ICN-2200L Automatic Pad Printer with Linear Conveyor

Automatic pad printer The ICN-2200L is a 2 color automatic pad printer equipped with a linear conveyor. The ICN-2200 is a heavy-duty sealed cup automatic pad printer. The linear conveyor features shot pin print station registration for very tight registration (+/-.001") and a micro-adjust system for moving the conveyor in and out for easy positioning of the graphic on your part.

More about the ICN-2200L

New Product!
ICN-150L Large Part Pad Printer with Linear Conveyor

Pad printing equipment with linear conveyor The ICN-150 large part pad printer now can come equipped with a 12 station linear conveyor. The 12-station linear conveyor can be interfaced with automatic loading and unloading systems and is very convenient for printing high volumes of large parts. The ICN-150L can accommodate 150mm ink cups for printing significantly larger images.

The linear conveyor allows manufacturers of large parts to increase production speed without sacrificing quality. Such parts include injection molded housings, bezels, mugs, drink ware, beach balls, large promotional products and tagless garments.

More about the ICN-150L

New Public Appearance!
Mike Bissel, Inkcups Now VP, Spoke at SPE 2010 Topical Conference

Society of Plastics Decorators logo Mike Bissel, Inkcups Now VP, gave a talk at SPE Decorating and Assembly Division 2010 Topical Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, about 3 dimensional plastic parts decoration methods such as pad printing, screen printing and inkjet printing.

The 2010 Topical Conference (TopCon) was held June 15-16, 2010 at the Marriott Franklin Cool Springs, just outside Nashville, TN. The conference was organized by the Society of Plastic Engineers’ (SPE) Decorating and Assembly Division and managed by Peterson Publications, publishers of Plastics Decorating Magazine.

For more information about the SPE Conference go to Plastics Decorating website or the SPE website.


New Product!
Cobalt 300 Platemaking, Cutting & Engraving Laser

Higher speed engraving laser The highest speed CO2 laser engraver in its class, Cobalt 300 is an advanced machine for making pad printing cliches as well as engraving promotional products and cutting fixtures.

This laser engraver comes with the most user-friendly software package on the market and the best warranty.

More about Cobalt 300 Laser Engraver

New Location - in South America!
Inkcups Now Opened New Location - ICN-Honduras

ICN-Honduras is run by Luís Gúnera and is focused on providing technical support and sales of Tagless Printing equipment and supplies as well as pad printing and laser plate making. Luís fluent in both Spanish and English and happy to help customers in Central and South America.

Learn more
Aprenda más


New Product Bundle!
Pad Print Start-Up Supply Kit

Pad print start-up supplies ICN have helped many customers build pad printing operation from ground up. Here is the supply kit that we recommend to people who are just starting:

Start-Up Supply Kit Brochure / Order Form

Check it out to make sure you are not missing any necessary supplies and contact us if you have questions!

You can use this brochure as an order form, too. Just check the items you need and email it to TracyK@inkcups.com or fax to 978.646.8981.

Pad Printing FAQs


New Product!
Ceramic Rings for Kent Ink Cups

Ceramic rings for Kent Ceramic Rings for all Kent ink cups are finally available at reasonable prices!

As usual, Inkcups Now engineers have improved the original product's design - the double bevel angle of our rings makes them far less susceptible to damage.

The rings are available for Kent ink cups of the following sizes: 70mm / 90mm / 130mm / 150mm.

More about ceramic rings from ICN


Product Line Extension!
AccuLaze® - Laserable Plates for YAG or CO2

AccuLaze laserable plates AccuLaze® is printing plate material designed to be etched with CO2 or YAG laser engravers. AccuLaze® plates have fixed depth, which makes selecting your laser settings a no-brainer.

We also carry 4 other types of specialized laserable plate material.

Learn more

New Location, New Hire!
ICN-Canada: Larger Warehouse and New Office Manager!

ICN-Canada Office Manager
ICN-Canada has recently relocated to a larger warehouse and office space in Pickering, Ontario and hired a new Office Manager and Customer Service Representative, Adele Watson.

The expansion will help ICN excel in serving the needs of Canadian customers. The new location has a significantly larger warehousing capability as well as facilities for equipment demonstrations, customer training programs and product showrooms. Pad printing warehouse in Canada

Ms. Watson's combined expertise in graphic design and specialty printing industry makes her a great addition to our company. In Adele's own words, "My expectations are to help expand the business in the Canadian market and to keep improving our customer service."

For more information please contact Adele:
at 905-426-5325 or AdeleW@inkcups.com

New ICN-Canada Address:
1035 Toy Ave, Unit 20, Pickering, ON L1W3N9, Canada

Learn more


New Product!
Harmony Ink & Thinner Dispenser for Easy Ink Mixing

Harmony ink and thinner dispenser No more messy cans or dried ink particles! Only mix what you want!

The Harmony Dispenser can accommodate 12 color mixing systems plus a combination of up to 4 thinners or opaque colors. The 1.5 liter canisters are solvent resistant and seal hermetically so your inks and thinners will stay intact, ready for mixing whenever you are. Dual pump control over ink flow and precision digital scale enables easy matching or PMS colors.

Learn more


New Product!
VersaCover - the Cover for All Cans!

VersaCover for all ink cans The VersaCover hermetically seals nearly all ink and hardener cans available on the market.

Solvent resistant lids keep cans sealed up tight so you can:

• prolong the life of your ink and hardener,
• eliminate crooked lids, dried out hardener and chunks of ink,
• clean up your ink room,
• save supplies, time and money!

To order VersaCover call 978-646-8980:
20 covers - $15.00
50 covers - $35.00

VersaCover flyer


Product Upgrade!
Conveyor for Engraving Metal Pens now available with Cobalt 1000 Laser Engraver

Pen engraving conveyorNow you can automate laser engraving of various promotional products, including metal pens! Cobalt 1000 YAG laser etcher is available with a conveyor belt. The system is easily integrated with robotic loading and unloading equipment for fully automated engraving process.

This particular belt is tailored to pen engraving. However, we make custom belts for other products. The belts are durable, easily changed, inexpensive and quick to manufacture. For bigger objects we will be able to offer a machine with a taller opening shielded by protective brushes.

Watch pen engraving demo!
More info on Cobalt 1000 automation

Info on Cobalt 1000 laser engraver


New Product!
ToughCup - the New Generation Ink Cup

ToughCup ToughCup has a proprietary micro-surface coating designed to repel inks and solvents. This low-tension surface provides complete release of inks and drastically simplifies cleaning. It improves productivity by reducing changeover time when switching colors.

ToughCup is ideal for people who use 2-component inks as there is a good chance you will be able to clean the cup even if the ink and hardener mix is accidentally left in it for an extended period of time.

Because of the unique coating, this ink cup is also more resistant to attacks from solvents, to pigment abrasion and mechanical wear. It is Tough! The ink cup is also environmentally friendly: it significantly reduces the use of solvents needed for cleaning. It is green!

Learn more about VersaCup® and ToughCup


New Feature!
Revolutionary Printing Pad Search Engine

Pad Search logo The Printing Pad Search is an absolutely unique tool for the pad printing industry! It has recently been redesigned, and it works really well!

You can find pads based on your image dimensions, preferred pad shapes and sizes, your pad printer capabilities etc. You can pick a cost-effective alternative to pads from other manufacturers or simply browse ICN's pad selection that is hundreds strong...

Try Pad Search now!

New Territory!
The First and Only Blog for Specialty Decorators

Blog for pad printers and inkjet printersThis is the very first blog dedicated exclusively to the decoration of 3-D products,
in particular to pad printing and inkjet printing!

In our blog, we post pictures of various products decorated with ICN equipment and supplies, before sending the test samples back to our customers. You may find inspiration for your next project! Oh, and you can also see ICN's team at work and play!
We welcome your comments and posts. See you at ICN's blogground!

Have a look!


New Feature!
FAQs on Printing and Engraving

FAQs on printing & engraving Here are the answers to the 44.4 questions you've always wanted to ask...
...and you are always asking!  


New Service!
Real-Time Technical Support on Your Computer Screen!

ICN has added a new great way to provide technical support and training to our globally dispersed customers – through highly efficient real-time online meetings. The system has already received numerous compliments. By establishing a secure connection between two computers, we can remotely administer live Cobalt software demonstrations, graphic art training, hands-on project discussions, equipment setup and troubleshooting...

Learn more


New Tooling and Application!
Screen Printing on Lanyards

fixture for lanyards This is an add-on attachment for ICN-M25 Screen Printer designed for easy decoration of lanyards and similar items.

Learn more


Improved Packaging!
1000-H Hardener in 0.5 kg Re-closable Can!

Ink hardener cans

In addition to the standard 1 kilo cans and 120 ml tubes, the 1000-H hardener is now offered in 0.5 kilo cans with convenient re-closable pour spout. The screw cap lets you save opened hardener for future use!

More about ICN ink auxiliaries


New Product!
DigiBond Inkjet Primer for Metal - Great for Nameplates!

DigiBond primer for metal DigiBond primer enables UV inkjet printing on metals! The nameplate market can now move on - from screen printing to digital printing.

Wiping the surface with DigiBond and flash curing it ensures excellent adhesion of UV inks - and crisp and durable images.

About Mimaki UV inkjet printer


New Product!
All-Flex Pad Material

This popular material - distinguished by its blue color and excellent ink pickup and transfer capabilities - has been sold in the industry for many years.

All-Flex is a general purpose pad material with a quick break-in period and the ability to be used with many types of inks.

Learn more


New Product!
3.5" Ceramic Rings for Imtran/Autotran Cups

Save on replacement rings for your Imtran and Autotran ink cups!
ICN offers 3.5" diameter dual-sided ceramic rings for all domestically manufactured ink cups.
Get this new, improved design ring at up to 20% discount compared to our rivals' prices!

Learn more


New Product!
ICN-2200C Carousel Pad Printer

Add automation and speed to your printing production! Check out ICN-2200 - a 2 color sealed cup pad printer with an 8-station carousel (conveyor). This is a robust and user-friendly machine with precision tooling registration and a set of programmable features.

Learn more   |   ICN-2200C brochure


New Product!
Ink Cup Retrofit Kit for Inkwell Pad Printers

You can turn virtually any model of inkwell pad printer into a state-of-the-art sealed cup printing machine for $355 plus the cost of the ink cup! The retrofit kit contains spring plunger, ink cup mount bracket and anti-rotate pin. It is easy to mount. Feel free to call us with any questions: 78-646-8980.

About VersaCup® - universal ink cup


New Online Service!
UPS Package Tracking with your P.O.

A P.O. number that you used when ordering from us, is all you need to track your UPS package.
If you don't use purchase order numbers... please consider using them! Meanwhile feel free to call us for tracking information.

Track UPS package


New Product!
“Diamond Etch” Ink for Glass and Stainless Steel Imitates Engraved Look

The new "Diamond Etch" Ink imitates a sand-blasted or laser-etched look on glass and stainless steel products - such as champagne or wine glasses, travel mugs and souvenirs. "Diamond Etch" ink can be used for both pad printing and screen printing. Now you can "laser etch" glass and stainless steel without a laser!
And if you have a laser, you can use printing for the long runs as it allows time savings over laser etching.
Several of our customers have already tested "Diamond Etch" ink on glasses and travel mugs with excellent results. The prints not only look just like etching but also are extremely durable.

Contact us to get more information


New Product!
B100 - Tabletop Pad Printer

The B-100 is a single-color pad printing machine that fits on your table! It is perfect for production start-up as well as tagless printing. This compact pad printer is amazingly reliable and easy to operate.

Learn more   |   B100 brochure


New Product!
M15-FP - FLatbed Screen Printer

The M1-FP is a semiautomatic screen printer for flat parts up to 5" in height. M15 is equipped with 4 way micro-adjust screen clamp system, micro-adjust print head and vertical motion tooling table for easy operation.

Learn more   |   M15-FP brochure


New Application!
Apparel Tag Printing

With our complete line of inks, supplies and machines, you can easily customize and print tags on t-shirts, sweat-shirts and other garments - easily and cost-effectively!

Machines for Tagless   |   What is tagless printing?

Tagless printing brochure


New Product!
CrystalFlex Printing Pad Material

ICN has developed the transparent CrystalFlex silicone featuring a time-release conditioning agent that keeps the pad durometer consistent for the life of the pad. Due to its high density molecular structure CrystalFlex does not absorb solvents, prolonging the life of the pad. And you can see right through it, which helps cleaning and... is just fun!

Learn more


New Product & New Technology!
Imperial & Cobalt Laser Engravable Plates

The specialized ICN laser plate material enables a powerful and easy upgrade for the plate-making process!
Imperial and Cobalt plates can be etched using the Inkcups Now Cobalt laser system or any CO2 or YAG laser system with advanced software, small spot size and quality power control. The plates are ready within a few minutes, no film positives or chemicals needed.
Call us and ask for details!

Learn more   |  Laser plate brochure

New Product!
ICN-2506 - 6 Color Pad Printer

ICN-2506 is a versatile 6 color sealed cup pad print machine with a precision servo controlled indexing shuttle table. The pad print machine can be set up without the use of any tools. It is able to accommodate large, hard print pads.

Learn more  |  ICN-2506 brochure

New Product!
ICN-150 Pad Printer for Large Parts

ICN-150 handles 150mm ink cups, which enables printed images up to 140mm in diameter - significantly larger than the industry standard 130mm ink cups, which are only capable of 115mm images. Offered as a one- or two-color printer, it features an extended forward stroke, two-position pneumatic shuttle and XYR micro-adjust printing plate assemblies.

Learn more  |   ICN-150 brochure


New Product!
ICN Autowash Cleaning System

A breakthrough cleaning system for ink cups and small parts, ICN Autowash provides rapid cleaning cycles and efficient use of chemicals. This cleaning system incorporates an automatic time controlled washing cycle, unique “air pulse” solvent blow off, and separate clean solvent part rinse. Autowash drastically reduces cleanup times and minimizes solvent usage.

More about Autowash  |   Autowash brochure

Product News!
SAPPHIRE® Ink Series are now Class 6 Certified

Sapphire® pad and screen printing inks are medical grade screen and pad printing inks made in Italy under the finest production and quality controls standards. View J3 Class 6 certificate and MB Class 6 certificate.

Check out Sapphire® screen printing / pad printing ink

New Product!
Dr. Rite Plate Conditioner

Dr. Rite plate conditioner dramatically improves plate doctoring for ink cup and Dr. Blade machines by altering the surface tension on the printing plate and improving ink flow. Add a few drops of Dr. Rite solution to the ink mixture and plate ghosting and fogging immediately disappear. Improve image quality and printing performance today with this unique specialty product only available from Inkcups Now!

Request samples

New Products!
Nu-Life Printing Pad Cleaner

Designed to provide superior cleaning of print pad surfaces. Nu-Life pad cleaner contains proprietary components available only from Inkcups Now. Simply the finest pad cleaner available!

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New Product!
EverFlex® Printing Pad

After two years of development, Inkcups is pleased to introduce its EverFlex® printing pad material. This specialty silicone was formulated specifically for the rigors of the promotional products industry – with its ability to break in quickly, have extreme abrasion and cut resistance and provide flexibility for printing many different ink types (with or without hardener) without “pad burn in.”

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Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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Tagless pad printing Apparel Tag Printing!

Turnkey solution for tagless t-shirt printing: complete line of Equipment & Supplies, plus unlimited tech support!

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