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Semiautomatic 3-D and flat part printer

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ICN-M25 Semi-Automatic Universal Purpose Screen Printer

Inkcups Now, a leading manufacturer of silk screen printing supplies, introduces the ICN-M25 semi-automatic screen printer. This heavy-duty, universal parts decorator has the same design specifications as the immensely popular Autoroll M25 screen printer and can print a larger range of cylinders, ovals, cones, and flats than many other printers in the industry.

Standard Benefits:
  • Microprocessor control
  • Print mode selector switch
  • One or two direction print
  • Gear driven chuck / screen linkage
  • External screen / squeegee stroke adjust
  • External fixture bar stroke adjust
  • External fixture bar position adjust
  • Designed in the USA
  • Full range of silk screen printing supplies available
  • Perfect for bottle printing
Changeovers rarely require hand tools or a need to enter the base cabinet. Setup is further simplified with quick lift, micrometer adjusted squeegee, and micrometer positioned screen mounts. Its 25-inch screen stroke is adjusted rapidly with lead screws and its variable stroke fixture bar is positioned with external controls adding to the ICN-M25 user-friendly efficiency.

The highly versatile ICN-M25 can accommodate all tooling fixtures and base chucks from existing Autoroll M20G and M25 printers as well as some other printers in the industry.

These features along with an expanded list of attachments, tools, and applications make the ICN-M25 the most versatile, productive, simple to use semi-automatic, three-dimensional parts screen printer available today, making it perfect for bottle printing and a host of other applications.

4 way micro adjust

Silk Screen Printing Supplies - 4-Way MicroAdjust

The highly productive retrofit attachment for Autoroll and ICN screen printers enables precise screen adjustment in 4 axis. Even the tightest registration jobs can be setup and changed over rapidly with the 4-way microadjust.

4 way micro adjust

M Series Squeegee Blades

ICN provides a complete line of high quality squeegee material. Most popular configurations and material types are available for immediate shipment.

4 way micro adjust

Silk Screen Printing Supplies - K Series Tooling and Attachments

ICN application engineers provide quick turn-around high quality tooling and attachments to meet the demanding needs of today's customers. Contact ICN to discuss your applications and requirements.
  • K1 Oval Tooling Fixture
  • K2 Adjustable Gallon Base Chuck
  • K3 Tumbler Tooling
  • K4 Typical Bottle Tooling
  • K5 Replacement Change Gears

Custom Tooling for Printing on Lanyards

4 way micro adjust
We build tooling and fixtures on a regular basis. This 8-lane conveyor was developed for a customer who wanted to automate printing on lanyards with his M25 screen printer. As the squeegee blade goes down, it turns the drum and the lanyards are automatically pulled through the lanes. Lane width is adjustable so the conveyor can be used for other similarly shaped products.

Do you want to automate printing on a certain product? - Contact us today, we will either find a solution or build it for you!
Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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