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Rotary Inkjet Printer


Rotary inkjet printer for drinkware and cylinders

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Inkjet printing on bottles and much, much more!

The latest revolution in inkjet printing - introducing the Helix® rotary inkjet printer for straight-walled and tapered cylinders. The Helix® is designed to print superior quality single or multicolor images - ideal for the drinkware, cosmetic and industrial printing industries.

The Helix® minimizes part setup time with a single, advanced quick-change tooling fixture designed for both cylinder or tapered parts. Prepress and screen making are eliminated by this all-digital process. Simply import the image, choose the quantity for production and print directly to the product with user-friendly software. The Helix® rotary inkjet printer achieves a superior balance between speed and image quality due to its patented Helix software which places 7 picoliter drops of ink precisely along the cylinder at extremely high speed. The Helix® is a heavy-duty state-of-the-art machine designed and built by the Inkcups Now team in the U.S.A.

Ideal for the Glassware, Bottle, and Can Industries

Features of the Helix® Rotary Inkjet Printer:

  • 360 Degree printing
  • Print CMYKWW
  • Print straight-walled and tapered cylinders
  • Servo-driven, quick-change tooling fixture
  • Adjustable angled tooling for tapered cylinders
  • Automatic cylinder height adjust
  • Automatic intelligent diameter measurement
  • LED cure
  • Speed: 4 parts per minute**
  • Helix™ software package

  • **image/product size and quality settings dependant
Part Diameter Range:
   2" - 4.5" (50mm-304mm)

Cylinder Length:
   3" - 12" (304mm)

Maximum Print Length:
   4.25" (304mm)

Ink Palette:
   Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White

Maximum Resolution:
   1200 x 1200dpi

   USB 2.0


The AutoFlame 360 is a revolutionary machine that automates the flame treatment process.

AutoFlame360 for Pretreatment
Flame treatment is common with certain substrates in order to enhance ink adhesion through the manipulation of surface tension. This industrial machine boasts 8 palettes each with its own vacuum for securely suctioning bottles. Once the bottle reaches the flame, the palette turns 360 degrees allowing the flame to evenly treat the whole bottle. Control the flame height up to 20 inches, slow down or speed up the rotation of the palette and turn suction on and off all from the control panel. To ensure the bottle does not pass the flame more than once, the machine uses a hydraulic system to lightly tap the bottle into a box or bin.

Features of the AutoFlame360:

  • 8” burner head (standard)
  • (8) 6” diameter platens (152 mm)
  • Adjustable Burner height with scale – up to 20”(508mm)
  • Adjustable flame length slide in burner head
  • Angular burner adjustment for tapered products
  • Automatic unload with transfer chute
  • Air/gas mixing valve
  • Positive ignition proof of flame sensor
  • Exhaust hood
  • Protective screen
  • Vacuum turbine
  • 8 station Geneva drive
Number of stations:

Platen diameter:
   6" (152mm)

Rotary dial diameter:
   32" (813mm)

Input power:
   115 VAC

   Natural Gas or Propane

Compressed air:
   (80 psi) required for automatic unloader

Standard burner length:

DigiBond Primer
- Enables Inkjet Printing on Metal, including Nameplates!

DigiBond primer for metal
DigiBond is a specialized primer that allows UV inks to adhere to metal. For the nameplate industry, this primer finally makes inkjet printing a viable alternative to screen printing!

To use DigiBond, wipe it on the surface and flash cure it prior to applying UV inks.
Aluminum sheets pre-treated with DigiBond are also available.

InkcupCare Support

ICN can fully support the Helix®! Offering machine installations with experienced technicians who assist with setup, training and troubleshooting. Now available in English and Spanish!
Team Inkcups Local Sales & Tech Support
We have direct sales people in the US (MA, NY, CA, IA, GA), Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. We also have respresentatives in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

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