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Inkjet Ink, ApplicationsAugust 20, 2020

XFLEXX UV Inkjet Ink for Face Masks

Inkjet Ink, Applications
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Face Mask and Face Covering

UV inkjet ink for face masks must possess specific qualities to ensure optimal adhesion and compliance. The XFLEXX Flexible UV Ink is a flexible ink for bendable and stretchable items such as stress balls and bags but has seen much success with face masks.


How to print UV inkjet ink for face masks

Much like hard goods, printing UV inkjet ink for face masks involves a UV flatbed inkjet printer. The artwork is created in your chosen design program such as Photoshop or Illustrator and sent to the printer for printing. As the name implies, a flatbed inkjet printer has a flat bed with the print heads elevated above the bed. Once printing begins, the print heads will move from side to side laying down UV ink in the pattern of your artwork as well as curing the ink. Once the artwork has been printed, the bed will slide forward and the parts will be ready for picking.

One of the most important features of a UV flatbed printer is the fixture that is placed on its bed. This will help to ensure all prints are consistent and properly executed without over spraying or shifting during the process. The fixture is made specifically to each product.

See our UV flatbed inkjet printer in action: X5 UV Flatbed Printer – Printing on N95 Masks & X5 UV Flatbed Printer for Face Coverings

The Benefits of XFLEXX

XFLEXX is a unique UV ink because it does not crack when stretched or pulled. XFLEXX is the perfect solution for polyester and synthetic plastic face masks such as N95 masks and face coverings. This flexible ink is not only proves excellent adhesion, it also passes strict skin contact compliance testing on fabric. XFLEXX is available in CMYK White and Varnish; all of which have passed skin contact testing. Reproduce stunning logos, graphics and other artwork on this important piece of PPE with XFLEXX.

See the compliance testing here: XFLEXX Skin Contact Testing

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