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Pad Printing InkAugust 9, 2017

The PN Ink Series Makes its Debut

Pad Printing Ink
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PN Series Ink

The PN Ink Series by Inkcups is a direct replacement of the DP Series Ink, offering more benefits in terms of color, quality, and adhesion. The PN Series ink is specially designed to be a high-gloss, fast-curing, and strong-adhering ink. Available as a one- or two-component (can be mixed with hardener) ink, PN offers higher quality prints and a wider variety of substrate adhesion than its counterpart, the DP Series. Print on treated and untreated polypropylene, treated polyester, metal, lacquered surfaces, and polyurethane with ease.

Choose from a wide variety of colors:
From the essentials to metallics, the PN Series has it all! Additionally, offering high density (HD) colors for higher opacity and classic mixing colors for in-house color matching.
Make your mark last:
The PN Series Ink strives to achieve quality adhesion to products, while also maintaining strong resistance to other agents. A print using this ink series can withstand 50 alcohol wipes without hardener and 100 alcohol wipes with hardener. Fortunately, the ink is also resistant to gasoline, cosmetic oils, detergents, and many more solvents and solutes. Add 1000H hardener to PN Series Ink in a ratio of 10% for greater abrasion resistance. Adhesion testing must be completed 3-4 days after printing on once the ink has fully cured.
Dry in no time:
The drying process for the PN Ink Series has drastically improved compared to DP. The drying process takes 10-15 minutes at room temperature which is enhanced if in warm circulation, above 122°F. The polymerization of the ink is completed 6-7 days after the application of the ink. The PN Series offers a working pot-life of 6-8 hours and a shelf-life of 2 years versus its DP counterpart with 4-6 months.
Use our best auxiliaries:
A wide variety of additives and auxiliaries can be used with the PN Series Ink. Including Fast, Slow, and Slowest Solvent, M, MS, EB, S3 Solvent, 1000H Hardener, and EBD Cleaner. All of these additives improve the success of the PN Series Ink and adhesive properties. PN Ink series prints can be removed by using “InkAway!” an industrial ink remover that removes various forms of ink, also works on most ink series.

At Inkcups, we strive to produce and offer the best products and solutions out there. The PN Series is no exception. Although our DP Series had an excellent run, we found the need to improve, provide better abrasion and offer more colors. We did just that. Contact us today to get FREE adhesion testing.

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