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Pad Printing InkJanuary 7, 2021

Product Spotlight: PN Series Polypropylene Pad Printing Ink

Pad Printing Ink
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The PN Series polypropylene pad printing ink is specially designed for both treated and untreated pure polypropylene substrates.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used to make many injection molded items such as packaging, electrical housing parts, automotive parts and more. What makes this substrate most attractive is the slipperiness of the surface as well as the low weight of the plastic. The surface makes it best for moving parts and the light-weight makes it easy to integrate into other products without adding weight.

As an added bonus, polypropylene is able to be molded into a hinge without breaking. This is best for non-load bearing applications such as caps or lids.

What Makes a Good Polypropylene Pad Printing Ink?

While polypropylene itself has many benefits to the manufacturer, labeling these parts has become a daunting task since it has been known to be difficult to get ink to stick to it. What makes the best polypropylene pad printing ink is an ink that is able to be printed quickly and fully cures properly. There may be inks that dry and initially stick to the product but a full cure means that the ink has fully reacted to the physical product.

PN Series Polypropylene Pad Printing Ink

The PN Series Pad Printing Ink by Inkcups is unique in that pre-treatment is not needed for most polypropylene-based products. If the product is more pure or contains mostly Polypropylene, then it is even easier to pad print on. This enables these products to be quickly pad printed without having to pre-treat the substrate, an additional step in the production process.

What is the Best Way to Test my Polypropylene Product?

The best way to test your product is to send it to the pad printing ink supplier. They will find the perfect solution for your part. If you already know the chemical composition of your product, they will test using ink specific to that substrate. However, there are times where the substrate will be mixed with other plastics, in which case, the ink supplier will test multiple solutions. In this case, Inkcups would print your product using the PN Series and then do adhesion testing to ensure it is your optimal solution.

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