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Pad Printing, PlatesAugust 11, 2020

Product Spotlight: DuraLaze Pad Printing Cliché

Pad Printing, Plates
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DuraLaze Pad Printing Plate Material

DuraLaze is a pad printing cliché material that is perfect for a variety of pad printing applications.

Update: As of July 2022 this blog post has been update to reflect our most current product offerings, replacing any items that have been since discontinued. 

What makes DuraLaze the optimal pad printing cliché?

DuraLaze is considered an optimal pad printing cliché material because it can be utilized for apparel and hard goods, it works with all 3 Inkcups laser types and it is a durable material for any environment.

Use for both hard goods and tagless applications

The reason there are so many pad printing plate materials out there is because not all of them are best for every application. For example, there is a clear difference between a hard good (plastics, glass, etc.) application vs. a tagless application. Tagless applications require a shallower etch as just a thin layer of pad printing ink is applied to the garment. Some cliché materials are simply not for that application. In addition, tagless applications require a wide range of dot patterns to satisfy the needs of the design. Again, not all laser plate materials accept this type of change. DuraLaze accomplishes all the above. It works for both tagless and hard good applications because it offers a wide range of depth control and dot patterns. It also easily handles fine detail to bold images and high-resolution halftones for hard goods. All in all, it is a versatile pad printing cliché material best for any application.

Works with all 3 Inkcups laser types

Not all laser plate materials will work with all laser types. DuraLaze is the exception. This pad printing cliché material is perfect for use on any Inkcups laser type (Fiber, CO2 or WFC). That means, if you have a CobaltONE, Cobalt 2000 or a Cobalt PRO, you will be able to use this material. This makes inventory management easier because you are not tracking multiple plate materials in your facility.

Durable pad printing cliché material

DuraLaze is unique as it is not sensitive to temperature changes nor humidity. Many pad printing cliché materials will warp or bend when the temperature is too humid. DuraLaze’s premium smooth surface and rigid steel base stays flat and straight for the perfect print, every time. Many production facilities, especially in Central America, South America and Asia face scorching temperatures paired with high humidity levels. This is their go-to material for just that reason.

What sizes does DuraLaze come in?

DuraLaze Pad Printing Cliche

DuraLaze fits on Inkcups’ largest pad printing machine- ICN-200 Large Image Pad Printing Machine as well as our smallest pad printing machine- B100 1-Color Tabletop Pad Printing Machine. It can also work with a number of non-Inkcups pad printers.

Which pad printing machines will DuraLaze work with?

The pad printing machine this plate material will accept dependent on the size of the plate required for printing. For example, all Inkcups pad printing machines are compatible with the maximum size of this plate material. However, this pad printing plate material is also compatible with other manufacturer’s pad printing machines as well. While our Customer Service team will support you throughout the entire process, having information such as current pad printer manufacturer, current plates being used and maximum/minimum plate size for the machine will help to get you the best plates in the industry, faster.

Learn more about our DuraLaze pad printing plate 

Contact us to get printing with DuraLaze

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