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Pad PrintingDecember 21, 2018

Pad Printing: The Inkcups Way [Infographic]

Pad Printing
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Understanding the pad printing process is vital in using the machine to the best of its abilities. Below, find out how our cups gracefully glide across the plates and fill up the etch with the perfect amount of ink. The best part about our turnkey process is that we provide you with all the components to start printing right away.

In addition to our pad printing machines for hard goods and promotional items, we also off the full tagless solution for labeling t-shirts, baby clothing and other garments. While the process works the same way, pad printing on apparel utilizes a specialized ink to become slightly absorbed into the fabric. Tagless pad printing offers numerous benefits with the top being the cost savings and time savings this offers. Learn more why you should switch to tagless printnig

Want to Learn More about pad printing? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pad Printing Machines

Pad Printing Infographic






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Pad Printing
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  • Rilin

    Very interesting stuff! Could you please make it clear, the general rules to design the height of the printing pad and shape of the pad? Is there a special reason to design an uneven top surface of the pad? Best,

    September 15, 2019

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