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New TechnologyAugust 20, 2019

The Top 5 Applications for Pad Printing on Long Items with the 2200-DLI

New Technology
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2200-DLI 2-color pad printing machine for pad printing on long items

Pad printing on long items is now possible with the 2200-DLI. This machine is perfect for shoe manufacturers, promotional printers and industrial manufacturers. The all-new 2200-DLI is the only pad printing machine capable of printing 1-color, 2-up or printing multiple images on 1 long part. This specialty machine works slightly different than other pad printers. On a traditional pad printer, the ink cup moves front to back. With the 2200-DLI, the ink cups move side to side to enable etching of a larger image on a plate.

2 pads for pad printing on long items with the 2200-DLI

If you work in a facility that prioritizes constant production and efficiency, this machine will be a perfect fit. This machine utilizes a slightly longer plate (cliche) than standard pad printing machines. This means that the etched part of the plate (cliché) is not covered by the pad at all times. 

Inkcups is the only manufacturer of a 2-color long image pad printer. With this printer, you can print on 2 items at the same time or print 2 designs on one object at the same time. To give you some ideas of how you can utilize this printer to ameliorate your business, we have included our top 5 applications for printing with the all-new 2200-DLI.

Top 5 Applications for Pad Printing on Long Items with the 2200-DLI:

1.    Hockey Sticks

pad printed hockey stick

2.    Rulers

Pad printed rulers

3.    Footwear In-soles


4.   Toys

pad printed hockey stick

5.    Chainsaw bar 

pad printed saw blade

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