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Inkjet InkSeptember 10, 2019

Inkcups Introduces Two Digital Inks: T2 and BB Series

Inkjet Ink
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Inkcups digital inks T2 and BB Series

Eliminates pre-treatment for Tritan™ and advances print durability on flexible applications


Danvers, Mass. – September 10, 2019 — Global printing industry leader Inkcups announces the release of two new digital inks, the T2 and BB Series. 

The T2 digital ink is specially designed for Tritan™ plastic and is the only digital ink for this substrate that does not require pre-treatment. After a rigorous testing process, Inkcups has formulated the ideal ink for drinkware manufacturers who want to speed up their operations while ensuring exceptional adhesion to Tritan™ products.

Tritan™, a BPA-free durable plastic, is becoming increasingly popular as a result of the growing movement to help the environment and reduce waste. The T2 digital ink provides highly durable and long-lasting image reproduction on Tritan™ that will not crack or chip.

The new BB digital ink produces high-quality graphics with superior adhesion on ultra-flexible products, surpassing the industry’s “squeeze” and “ice bucket” testing measures. With the invention of BB digital ink, Inkcups has resolved the long-standing industry challenge of achieving full-color graphics on flexible bottles without chipping, cracking or distorting after only a short period of time or following the “squeeze test.”

Ideally suited for soft and flexible plastics, common BB digital ink applications include bicycle water bottles, stadium cups, sports bottles, shakers and infuser bottles. The ink is compatible with Inkcups’ suit of digital printers. Pre-treatment is necessary before decorating plastic bottles with the BB ink. This formulation is a combination of a flame-treatment followed by a primer. 

T2 and BB Series digital inks are engineered and manufactured in the U.S. and available for order now.

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