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New TechnologyMay 31, 2016

On the Forefront of the Cylinder Printing Industry: The Helix®

New Technology
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Think about the last time you used a travel mug or bought a drink from Starbucks; chances are the bottle was a tapered cylinder, meaning the shape gets narrower at the end. Tapered drinkware is becoming increasingly popular, yet printing custom, quality, and full-color images onto them have not been an easy feat. Due to the changing shape of the product, cylinder printing on tapered items come out distorted and must be altered manually, which is not a simple process. However, the Helix®’s revolutionary technology has changed this.

The Helix® rotary inkjet printer is the only machine of its kind with software that is sophisticated enough to automatically adjust the artwork for a tapered part and remember the settings for fast and efficient printing. Inkcups is the only company in the world to offer effective inkjet printing on tapered cylinders with this type of equipment. The Helix® is breaking through the cylinder printing market, and this machine will revolutionize the industry.

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