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Pad Printing, Pad Printing InkJune 21, 2022

MB Series Pad Printing Ink Spotlight

Pad Printing, Pad Printing Ink
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MB Series Ink

For this blog series we will continue our in-depth exploration of Inkcups pad printing ink offerings with a focus on the MB Series line. Inkcups has a whopping line up of ten different pad printing inks! We understand that means it can be tricky to identify which ink is best for your application. Never fear, our dedicated ink technicians are here to help find the best ink to stick to your substrate. Want to start there? Contact technical support today.

The MB Series pad printing ink is most notably:

  • Medical grade
  • Highly opaque
  • Perfect for printing on numerous tricky materials


The MB series is a crowd pleaser as it prints on numerous materials including: coated metals, painted surfaces, hard plastics, pre-treated polypropylene, polyethylene, acrylics, powder-coated surfaces, and epoxy resins. Those substrates are known for being difficult to print on, yet, the MB series is well known for its capabilities to print on them while displaying excellent adhesion properties. That being said, ideal applications for the MB series include bicycle helmets, hard hats, automotive knobs and buttons, saw blades, flashlights, and drinkware.

MB series is a high-gloss, fast-curing, opaque, 2-component pad printing ink. Another differentiating factor to the MB series ink line is that it has superior chemical and mechanical resistance to alcohol, acids, and alkali on metals and hard plastics.

As previously mentioned, the MB series is classified as medical grade as it passes Class VI Certification, ideal and proven safe for use on medical instruments. It is both non-toxic and specially formulated with pigments that do not contain heavy metals. For further information, we have Safety Data Sheets readily available.

The MB Series pad printing line of inks are available in 23 standard colors, 11 high density shades, 5 metallic, and 4-color CMYK process shades. For your convenience, check out the MB Ink Color Chart and MB High Density Color Chart.

Get started today by reaching out to the sales representative closest to you for more information. Inkcups has locations all over the globe to best serve our customers quickly and on your time! Browse Our Locations page to contact the right person for your location. 

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