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Pad PrintingJuly 19, 2022

J3 Series Pad Printing Ink Spotlight

Pad Printing
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Have you ever noticed just how many items in your daily life have print directly on them? From pens to gaming systems to everything in between. What about items that aren’t necessarily prominent in your life, but have the upmost importance, like medical devices such as a catheter tube?

When it comes down to lifesaving items, it’s important to take a step back and understand what is decorating them. Today we will highlight one ink line that is used on medical devices, J3 Series Pad Printing Ink. To get started J3 is best known for being:

  • Medical grade
  • High gloss and high opacity
  • Superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals


J3 Series Pad Printing Ink Overview

To begin, the J3 pad printing ink is medical grade, deemed with a Class IV Certification. Additionally, it is non-toxic and formulated with pigments that do not contain heavy metals.

J3 Series ink will stick to the following materials: ABS, SAN, PETG, VIVAK, polystyrene, polycarbonate, vinyl, soft & hard PVC, PVC copolymers, polymethacrylate, paper, wood, and varnished substrates. Print on medical devices, catheter tubes, dental floss dispenses, vinyl balls, injected molded parts, cosmetic containers, pacifiers, and more. Check out some additional items below that we have had great success printing on thanks to J3 ink.

It is known for its high gloss properties as well as it’s high opacity. This is a quick drying ink, and versatile as it can be used as either a 1- or 2- component ink. As previously mentioned, J3 series ink display superior resistance to adhesion and chemicals such as alcohol, acids, and alkali. Due to this resistance, the J3 series is an ideal candidate for printing on industrial applications and vinyl.

This ink is available in 17 standard colors, 1 high density, 5 metallic shades, and 4-color process CMYK shades. Per Inkcups ways, custom color matching is available as is Harmony Color Matching System. For your convenience check out the J3 Series Color Chart here.

For more information, contact us today. 

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