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Company NewsAugust 3, 2021

Inkcups Palooza Party 2021 at HQ

Company News
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Inkcups Palooza Party

Last week Inkcups held its first in person sales summit in over two years at the Danvers, Massachusetts headquarters. We wrapped up two days of meetings and presentations with the Inkcups Palooza Party to celebrate, complete with Inkcups’ employees, friends, and family. Unfortunately on-going travel restrictions kept our co-workers abroad away.

Our Palooza Party was complete with two food trucks; Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas and Vibe Food Truck, music by The Baldones, and activities galore! We had raffles, games, tug-of-war, and Inkcups swag to go around.

Friday we transformed our loading bay to a stage, our loading area and additional parking to a party zone, and mentally clocked out of work for some socialization and fun.

Everyone was excited to finally celebrate! We had a great turn out, beautiful weather, and even shelter from the sun under a party tent. Our Palooza Party is just one of the many way Inkcups strives to create a fun work environment for our wonderful team!

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