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Company News, Industry UpdateMarch 3, 2022


Company News, Industry Update
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Inkcups is a well-positioned global company with an already important name in Mexico; however, in the face of such a large-scale pandemic, they worked with their customers and suppliers to the best of their ability.

It is already known that the supply chains of all companies were interrupted and, in some cases, completely cutoff. However, Inkcups’ strategic warehouse and office locations allowed it to continue to meet its customers’ needs with machinery, inks, and other supplies.

One of the biggest impacts on new businesses was the inability to travel and hold trade shows. During this time, Inkcups went from having in-person to virtual events and demos. This allowed them to continue to support the needs of new and existing businesses, keeping their distance and doing their part to stop the spread. On the other hand, the additional time in the office allowed their team of engineers and experts to review their existing products, upgrade their machines and launch new systems. Inkcups has been pleased to be able to release multiple new products and machine upgrades during that time. Throughout this process, the valuable work of Lic. Jesús Ambriz Gálvez, General Director of Inkcups México, was fundamental, who, based on Multimedia Content and Training, achieved magnificent sales for the company, reinvented itself and overcame any obstacle.

Inkcups’ top priority has been the safety of their employees…

As a global company, Inkcups needed to get in touch with the situations in each office and tackle each case as it happened. Their top priority has been the safety and well-being of their employees and families. For all staff who were able to work from home, they were encouraged to do so for as long as possible. For those unable to do so, safety protocols such as social distancing and face masks were enacted. He also held a weekly virtual meeting to address any concerns.

Inkcups’ excellent Operations Team has done a great job forecasting and managing each warehouse properly.

Facing the new normal…

Inkcups is currently adjusting to the times and planning for any scenario. In the short term, they hope to continue to meet the requests and needs of their customers and partners so that the business can continue to flourish, even in times like these. At Inkcups the commitment is to keep business as usual, as much as possible with minor adjustments as needed.

Strategic planning against current market demand…

Inkcups is constantly reviewing the needs of the market and adjusting to meet them. Once this has been identified, it is communicated throughout the company to make sure everyone is aligned. A fundamental part of the success of this work mechanism is being able to guarantee shipments of products almost immediately to its clients, always working close to their planning and production areas, both in Mexico and throughout the world, with the in order to build sufficient inventories in each of its offices and distribution centers. As a company, it is very important to ensure that the production chain of your business partners is permanently in motion thanks to the support of your service and punctual deliveries of each order you receive from them.

Recommendation of Inkcups to other companies…

Inkcups’ advice to other businesses is to keep moving forward and adapt to uncertainty. As has been seen in the last two years, you cannot predict the future or what it may bring, good or bad. But it is possible to anticipate certain outcomes and try to navigate those possibilities as best you can. The best recommendation that can be given to companies is to follow the precautionary measures established by their local government to keep good hygiene, safety and health of their employees, customers and partners at the forefront and look for other channels. There are many government and local programs available to help struggling businesses. Discuss your problems as a team, explore different ways that you can help and, above all, keep a positive attitude to relieve the pressure of the unfortunate situation you are facing.

This article was adapted and translated from: Mexcostura Magazine

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