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Tagless PrintingDecember 21, 2021

ICN-200 for Tagless Applications Spotlight

Tagless Printing
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ICN-200 Pad Printing Machine

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Isn’t that true with pad printing? Pad printing has been around for a long time, and for good reason! It’s a great option for printing on countless types of objects in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Today we will be exploring the pad printer, ICN-200 for tagless applications!

If tagless label printing is a new concept to you, read over What is Tagless Label Printing here first to learn more.

ICN-200 Pad Printing Machine

Are you looking to print large images? The ICN-200 pad printer might be the machine for your needs. Together we will explore what makes the ICN-200 special. Typically the ICN-200 is used for printing on plastic molded items, food storage containers, and industrial products but there are many more uses to be explored, for instance tagless applications!

One of the many perks of pad printing machines is the ease of transitioning from printing on apparel for tagless applications to printing on promotional items! By swapping out a few consumables (remember no ink is universal and must match the application material) you can transition from one to another.

The ICN-200, 200mm large image pad printing machine, true to its name can hold a 200mm or 7.8” ink cup which in turn can print images up to 190mm or 7.5”! For a visual, that’s a tad smaller than your average salad plate! The ICN-200 is equipped with one ink cup, translating to a one-color pad printer.  But never fear, one-color printed graphics are bold and high in contrast.

The ICN-200 comes standard on a sturdy base cabinet and stands 60” tall. It can accommodate tall products, up to 299 mm or 11.8”, making it a versatile machine when it comes to product selection.

While the ICN-200 comes standard with a 200mm ink cup, we at Inkcups are aware that customization is key. We understand the importance of conserving ink and using only what is required. That is why the ICN-200 can be retrofit with a 150mm or 135mm ink cup to reduce ink waste without having to modify the machine in anyway. This means you can print large images one day, and small the next without losing sleep over wasted ink. The ICN-200 really shines as it is one pad printing machine that can achieve both small and large image prints thanks to this versatility.

Ink for ICN-200

The ICN-200 for tagless applications can be equipped with one of three different apparel specific inks to ensure good adhesion to fabric. We offer options of ink to find the best fit for your needs and application. Pad printing makes for the ideal printing method when it comes to tagless labels as it transfers such a fine layer ink to fabric.

SB Eco Series for Apparel Tags

The SB Eco Series ink line is the most sustainable garment ink available. It is incredibly flexible in nature, doesn’t crack, and is able to print on a wide variety of different fabrics including cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, poly blends and more. It is available in 24 different colors.

It is quick drying, and once dry is unnoticeable upon touch! We call refer to this as showing “soft-hands properties.”

Quickly print on one shirt and stack it on the next without worrying about smudging the ink thanks to it’s incredibly fast dry time.

Most notable about the SB Eco Series ink is its dedication to the environment. This line is free of harsh chemicals, passes major apparel ink compliances tests such as Eco Passport, EN 71-3, as well as RoHS. The SB Eco Series ink line also is compliant with some of the industry leaders like Adidas and Nike when it comes to their respective Restricted Substance List.

SB Ink for Apparel Tags

SB Ink series Has 12 ColorsThe SB Ink for apparel tags is incredibly flexible and known as the highest quality garment ink available on the market to date. Print on leather or even the thinnest fabric you can find without having to worrying about cracking with the SB Ink line.

It is quick drying, and a printing operator can print and stack articles without having to worry about smudging or bleeding. It can be washed after a mere 24-hour window has passed. It comes in 12 different colors including four of the most popular Pantone ® colors: Cool Grey 6, Cool Grey 9, High-Density Black and SuperWhite.

SB Brite Opaque Garment Printer Ink

This ink was specially formulated to print on dark fabrics! SB Brite Opaque Garment Printer ink comes in three colors: Brite White, Brite Pink, and Brite Yellow and ensures that prints results in extra bright images, even when printing on dark fabrics. They accomplish this thanks to being super opaque without compromising on quality or soft-touch.


Consumables for Pad Printing

After you have selected which ink is best for your application, it is time to talk about what other consumables are needed to print. The two remaining components needed to make for a successful pad printing session are solvent and hardener.

Depending on production requirements and the climate, we offer three different solvents from the SB Solvent line: SB-M, EB, and S3, ranging from fastest evaporating speed to slowest respectively.

We offer the 1000-HX Hardener for pad printing which is eco-friendly, enhances adhesion, and makes it possible to wash the apparel in numerous cycles.

ICN-200 for Tagless Applications

Due to the large print area that the ICN-200 can accommodate, options for tagless applications are endless!

ICN-200 for Tagless Labels

Large tagless print on tshirtDon’t let size constraints limit your label! Create large tagless apparel labels using the ICN-200. As far as tagless labels go, the example on the left is much larger than the traditional size. Look at the detail and amount of text that can be fit due to it’s larger size.

As we learned earlier, the ICN-200 can use a 135mm or 150mm ink cup, which means it could easily print traditional sized tagless apparel labels as well.  Tagless labels can be found on a plethora of different articles now, including t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, underwear, dress shirts, workout clothing, scrubs, shoes, and so much more.


T-Shirt Design

The ICN-200 would be a perfect pad printing machine to print big bold designs, up to 7.5″ on the front of a t-shirt. Occasions that printing with an ICN-200 could be used for include:

  • Bachelor/ette Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Company Logos
  • Charity Events
  • Volunteer Staff
  • Sporting Events

Artwork Size Comparison

Curious to see the comparison between 190mm, 140mm, and 80mm? We have you covered with the following graphic:

Artwork Size Comparison

Resources Available

Whether you’re new to tagless printing or have been in the industry for decades there is always something to be gained with new information. Our website is a wealth of knowledge once you know where to look. For more information on the ICN-200, check out the brochure here. To see the ICN-200 in action, take a peek at this video of it, One Color Large Image Pad Printer . If you’d rather chat and bounce ideas around with a sales representative, contact us here.

Another invaluable resource we have compiled and made available is, How to Switch to Tagless Labels.

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