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ApplicationsJune 4, 2024

Five Innovative Cases for Reusable Custom Tote Bags Beyond Trade Shows

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Beyond Trade Shows: 5 Unique Ways Businesses Can Leverage Custom Reusable Tote Bags

When considering the primary and secondary contexts for tote bag utilization, two common scenarios quickly come to mind: grocery shopping and promotional giveaways at large-scale events such as trade shows. Nevertheless, there’s ample opportunity to expand beyond the conventional promotional roles of tote bags. Businesses can delve into innovative applications such as incorporating them into employee onboarding kits, retail packaging, welcome gifts, and event merchandise.

How to Brand Reusable Custom Tote Bags

Branding a custom tote bag involves several critical elements alongside potential avenues for creative expansion.

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Logo: The cornerstone of brand recognition lies in the logo. Strong brands can often stand solely on the strength of their logo. Ensure both new and existing customers easily identify and resonate with your brand through a logo that embodies and extends your brand identity. Proudly print your well established, or brand-new logo on a bag to establish strong relations.


Company Colors: Marketing departments invest significant effort in crafting comprehensive brand guides, which encompass specific brand colors. Ensure consistency with your brand by accurately representing its colors.

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Event Details: For event-specific tote bags, including essential details like the who, what, when, and where enhances their utility and relevance.




Business Slogans: Does your organization boast a memorable catchphrase or slogan? Combining your logo with a compelling business slogan can pack a powerful punch when emblazoned on a high-quality tote bag.

Expanding the Scope of Tote Bag Utility

Onboarding Kits: Incorporate tote bags into employee onboarding kits to instill a sense of belonging and unity among new hires. Personalized tote bags can include essential materials and company swag, fostering a positive first impression.

Retail Packaging: Elevate your brand presence by incorporating custom tote bags into retail packaging. Not only does this reinforce brand loyalty among existing customers, but it also enhances the overall shopping experience, encouraging repeat purchases.

Welcome Gifts: Whether it’s realtors welcoming new homeowners, universities greeting incoming students, or summer camps hosting eager campers, custom tote bags make for memorable welcome gifts. These tokens of appreciation leave a lasting impression and serve as practical keepsakes.

Event Merchandise: From bachelorette parties to weddings, workouts to charity events, custom tote bags are versatile accessories that cater to a variety of occasions. Beyond serving as practical items for attendees, they also serve as powerful branding tools, extending your brand’s reach and visibility in the community. The possibilities for event merchandise are limitless, offering ample opportunities for creative customization and brand promotion.

The Optimal Decoration Technique for Tote Bags

In 2024, a plethora of decoration methods for tote bags exist, each offering various quality levels and price ranges. For industrial printers aiming to provide customers with top-notch, high-resolution, and color-accurate prints, digital UV printing stands out as the premier choice. This method has successfully overcome obstacles that other competitive techniques struggle with.

UV Printing on Tote Bags employs UV LED light, UV ink, and a flatbed UV printer. True to its name, UV ink undergoes curing via UV light immediately after printing, enabling operators to swiftly stack and ship the printed bags.

XJET Switch for Custom Reusable Tote BagsSpecialized flatbed printers, exemplified by the XJET Switch direct-to-bag printer, effortlessly adorn full-color reusable bags and durable goods. The “Switch” feature allows the printing machine to both switch from applications and the switching motion of the platens as operators to load bags from the front while the machine prints at the back, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Highlights of the XJET Switch Direct-To-Bag Printer:

  • CMYKWW (Highly opaque white)
  • Total print area: 13.8 inches x 25.6 inches (350 mm x 650 mm)
  • Maximum part height: 8 inches (203.2 mm)
  • Continuous printing model
  • Switch from reusable bags to hard goods

UV ink for tote bags needs to be as flexible as the substrates they decorate, therefor, we have seen superior adhesion results when printing with the XFlexx Flexible UV ink Series. Available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Varnish, achieve the full color range and accurate color reproduction. This ink series is highly durable and promotes adhesion on canvas, cotton, PVC, polyester, and more tote bag materials.

For more information, please visit the product page for the XJET Switch Flatbed UV Printer for Bags and Hardgoods.

Ready to start customizing reusable tote bags, or have further questions? Contact your local sales representative today to start the process.

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