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Employee SpotlightsFebruary 13, 2020

Employee Spotlight – Digital Service Manager

Employee Spotlights
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Digital Service Manager

Meet Gregg, our digital service manager for Inkcups in our UV printers department. Find out how he helps service customers, new and old!

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Gregg Harwood: I’ve been with Inkcups going on 12 years. So, I started in 2008. I came in when the company was about 20 or so people.

My role at Inkcups is a Digital Service Manager. By digital it’s inkjet, all the inkjet equipment. Not only is it from a service side, I’m also supporting the application and technical sales aspect of the department. We are responsible for servicing equipment, installing new equipment, providing excellent training to our customers as well as on the sales end, provide samples for prospects as well as demonstrations on equipment.

I like to assist. I like to win. I like the competition of closing a deal and working alongside the salesmen.

Exceptional Digital Printer Service

We provide world-class service to our customers. Something that separates us from our competition. We are always on the clock, so to speak. We are a global support team. We’re not just supporting the US but were also in other countries. We hover around a 95% close rate remotely. So less than 1 out of 10 issues that come in through the phones we actually have to pack a bag and go fix. Overall, we just provide a very high level of support. We’ve seen a lot of the issues. Rarely are we stumped, and when we are, we have a great avenue to go to our engineering team and escalate issues.

Service-wise, its fixing issues. We’ve been doing it a long time and I feel really good about that.  Something that’s really come out in the past couple of years has been our application specialty. Really looking into adhesion specifically. Knowing what inks stick to what products.

We’re penetrating much different markets right now. Retail, glassware, spirit bottles, you name it we’re getting them in because our machines fit well into those markets. It takes a lot of effort to drill down into each of those markets and understand what do they need from a durability side, from a quality side. It really forces us to cater their machine toward that market. We’ve done a good job of that.

And we look like the expert, and we are the experts and that’s again another differential from us to our competition. When it comes to adhesion, when it comes to types of decorating methods, when it comes to workflow, variable data, things that people need in the field in different markets, we’ve got the solution and we can speak to them and we can actually execute them in front of them and you, know it separates us.

We’re always getting back to customers. In our worst-case scenario, we’re working with time-zones that are literally a 24-hour difference. We know how to logically troubleshoot over the phone. Our competition doesn’t have a ticketing system. They don’t have this case protocol that is like get back to a customer in 10 minutes, we have a technician online in 30, if were not resolving the situation in two days and the machine’s down, then we’re on-site. Our competitors don’t have this policy that really translates into good service, but our remote resolution is very good. I think it’s necessary with the size of the team we have that we are very strong when it comes to solving issues and documenting solutions and being able to share those with customers. A majority of our customers are not afraid to roll up their sleeves with some guidance and I think we leverage that. We want them to feel empowered and self-sufficient enough to jump on their machine and fix it.

What Sets Inkcups’ Digital Printer Services Apart?

Inkcups always has cutting-edge technology and we’ve always got our- starting with the owner of the company- he’s always got his ear to the ground and listening to what’s next and what’s coming out what we need. He’s done a really good job of understand what does the market need and what’s that price point we got to get to.

I think us knowing our customers and knowing the markets is a reason to be with us. It’s a turn-key solution. We’re not a machine company, we’re a solution company. At the end of the day, we are providing the supplies and consulting and all of that comes- when I’m on the phone with a customer and we’re talking about warranties and new machines and so on and so forth, they’re signing up, and I make this clear to them, they’re signing up for a partnership, you’re signing up for unlimited consulting. I mean we’re here, we’ve seen a lot, were experienced in the industries and we share that info as part of this partnership.

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