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ApplicationsJanuary 3, 2024

Application Showcase: UV Printing on Paper Bags

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XJET Switch

PRINTING United 2023 not only allows us to showcase our latest and greatest machinery, but it also posed the opportunity to talk to industry professionals about needs, pain points, and trends. Earlier last year we launched the XJET Switch, the first of its kind direct-to-bag printer. From inception we were aware that the XJET Switch is ideal for both reusable bags and for hard goods, as it is a UV flatbed printer in nature. 

The XJET Switch sets itself apart from traditional UV flatbed printers through its innovative design featuring four rotating platens, with two located on each side, often referred to as “2-up.” This unique flexibility allows the XJET Switch to cater to a diverse range of customer requirements, accommodating configurations of 2-up, 3-up, 4-up, or more, all within the maximum printable area. 

Furthermore, the XJET Switch distinguishes itself by featuring a set of platens on both the front and rear sides, seamlessly transitioning between the two. This means that while the front platens can be loaded, the rear platens can be utilized for UV digital printing and immediate curing, creating a highly streamlined workflow. In contrast, traditional UV flatbed setups typically involve a single flat tray that prints a full bed of products in one go, requiring the tray to move from an outside loading position to an interior printing and curing area, before returning to the original position for unloading and reloading. 

For more information please visit: UV Flatbed Printers.   

Paper Bag

During the show one of our long-standing customers stopped by to see the XJET Switch in action and inquired about the ability to print on paper bags. Our digital technician manning the demonstrations on the XJET Switch, Kevin, was more than game to try out a new application on the spot. The XJET Switch loaded with XFLEXX ink, Kevin printed on the paper bag quickly and efficiently.  

It should be noted we cannot often take customer requests on the spot for specific applications; however, the paper bag offered an exception. As the paper bag could easily sit in the reusable bag tooling, the request was a no brainer. Had the customer brought a soft cooler bag for instance, we couldn’t have as easily transitioned to printing on it at the trade show as custom tooling may be required.  

Due to the nature of XFLEXX ink, the paper bag is able to easily move without flaking or chipping the design. The print on the bag is vibrant, colorful and slightly raised to touch due to the varnish.  

Long term, to print on paper bags custom tooling would be required on the XJET Switch to streamline the printing process. Custom tooling is one of the services that Inkcups offers to create a turnkey solution for our customers. Contact us today for more information. 

Options for Paper Bag Printing 

  • Paper Shopping Bags 
  • Paper Gift Bags 
  • Paper Lunch Bags 
  • Party Paper Bags 

All of the bags mentioned above can be elevated by digitally decorating them with eye catching art work or branding.  

For more information on the XJET Switch, and to discuss your application and substrates, contact your local sales representative today.  

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