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Applications, Pad PrintingJuly 14, 2022

2-Color Pad Printing Video

Applications, Pad Printing
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ICN-2200-PS 2-Color Pad Printer with Pad-Slide

The 2200-PS 2-Color Pad Printing Machine with Pad-Slide is the ideal pad printing machine for Tagless, promotional, plastic molded, industrial and other applications as shown in the below 2-color pad printing video. The flexibility of this pad printing machine makes for easy printing of up to 2 colors meaning it can print 1-color or 2-colors. See the videos below showing 2 different applications:

Promotional 2-Color Pad Printing Video:

See it on YouTube: 


See it on YouTube:

In addition to being flexible in terms of number of colors, as seen above, the 2200-PS is also flexible in applications. Switching over from Tagless applications to hard goods requires a switch of pad printing inks, pad printing plates, silicone pad printing pads and fixtures. The pad printing ink cups remain on the machine but should be thoroughly cleaned.

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