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How Candles Can Be Used For More Than Just Burning

April 9th, 2018 | Author: Garrett Upson

Candles are possibly one of the most pleasant and inexpensive items available to anyone. They infuse a home with color and fragrance that can create a special and satisfying atmosphere. A candle’s distinctive sense of calm and well-being will have guests, friends or family notice once they walk into a room. Candles have been around for several years as necessity, however, over the years, they have turned into a go-to gift.

Candle Types:

A candle contains primarily wax and a wick along with colorants, fragrances and minor additives. There are a variety of candles in the world today. The basic candle types are tapers, votive, pillars, sticks, jar or container candles, tea lights, gels, liturgical, floating candles, outdoor candles, novelty candles, utility candles, and birthday candles. Although modern technology has introduced greater efficiencies and quality control in candle-making, most candles are made through the timeless process of placing a cotton wick into wax, which is then molded, dipped, extruded, pressed, rolled, drawn or filled into a desired shape and size.

However, candles have a very long history dating back to the Ancient Egyptians where they used wicked candles in 3,000 B.C., but the ancient Romans are generally credited with developing the wicked candle before that time by dipping rolled papyrus repeatedly into melted tallow or beeswax. Candles have evolved over time from using them to light homes and street lights, to using them as decorative items. In the Middle Ages, Europeans introduced beeswax candles, then colonials discovered spermaceti oil coming from whales. In the 19th century, Europeans extracted stearic acid from animal fatty acids to make stearin wax and in 20th century, candles started to trend toward being used in more ornate ways.

Candle Industry:

The candle market has grown exponentially over the years dating back from the 1800 and 1900’s to more recently. Candle sales in the U.S. are estimated at roughly $2.3 billion a year, but this does not include accessories such as candlestick holders. When looking at the industry as a whole it amasses over $3.2 billion in sales annually on average. However, the candle market looks to make a surge in the coming years. From 2017-2021, analysts at the National Candle Association (NCA) predict that sales will grow by 5.88%. Candles are also, a highly optional purchase and sales are greatly influenced by economic climate depending on what season it is. For example, 35% of sales occur around the Christmas/holiday season. Non-seasonal business, accounts for approximately 65% of candle sales. Candles are also, mainly purchased by women who account for over 90% of sales!

Safety Standards:

There are also industry standards that the NCA has created to ensure product quality, safety and corporate responsibility with candles. The current national industry standards for candles have been developed, balloted and published through the ASTM International standards organization. The NCA’s role in the development of candle standards dates back to 1997. In response to increased reports of candle fires, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) asked the NCA to lead an ASTM subcommittee to develop consensus standards for improving candle fire safety. The ASTM Subcommittee on Candle Products was created, which includes members of the NCA, the CPSC, fire officials, safety organizations and other interested parties. They came up with key standards that candles must obtain when they are produced. Three of the top key ASTM standards for candles consist of:

  • Cautionary Labeling Standard- This standard sets forth specifications for the warning label that cautions consumers to always burn a candle within sight; to keep candles away from things that can catch fire; and to keep candles out of the reach of children.


  • Heat Strength of Glass Containers Standard- This standard establishes scratch test and temper specifications for the proper annealing of glass containers used for candles, as well as thermal shock differential requirements.


  • Candle Accessories Standard- This standard sets forth specifications for the fire-safety manufacture, labeling and testing of candle accessories (e.g., candle rings, candle burners, candle holders).

Main Players in Candle Business

There are more than 400 candle manufacturing companies in the United States as well as scores of craft producers who make candles for local or noncommercial use. From specialty or gift shops, to department and home décor stores, or to mass merchandisers, there are several options to purchase candles.

Candle Trends

Candle shoppers are very particular when it comes to what they want in a candle. The most important factors that people look for include scent, color, shape and price. Over time, trends and uses for candles have changed as mentioned earlier. Candles used to not be just for decorative needs but a necessity to light houses, shops and street lights. Electricity was not available for a very long time so candles were needed for people to be able to have access to light. Now, people mainly use candles for their decorative needs especially with home décor. For example, approximately one in five women say they use candles to decorate the yard, patio or other exterior areas, as well as the interior of their home. Consumer demand for home fragrance products has helped feed a massive economic boom in the candle industry as sales have grown at a rate of ten percent or more each year starting in 2000. The market for luxury candles is creating an overall growth in the home fragrances market as well. Candles come in all types of shapes and sizes as well as scents. Furthermore, social media is helping drive the home fragrance candle market, creating a surge in Internet sales.

Consumers purchasing candles know what they want from size, shape, price, etc. However, looking at the most impactful piece affecting candle purchases today is fragrance. Three-fourths of candle buyers say fragrance is “extremely important” or “very important” in their selection of a candle. Nine out of ten candle users also, say they use candles to make a room feel comfortable or cozy so one can get a good sense of what a consumer is looking for in a candle.

In addition to their preference in candles, approximately three-fourths of candle consumers say they typically burn candles for 4 hours or less per sitting and the majority of U.S. consumers use their candles within a week of purchase. People using candles also, frequently display them in the living room (42%), followed by the kitchen (18%) and the bedroom (13%). Candles are lastly used as very popular gifts for events or celebrations as both men and women consider candles to be an always acceptable and appreciated gift. Candle purchasers say they view candles as an suitable gift for the holidays (76%), as a house warming gift (74%), a hostess/dinner party gift (66%), a thank you (61%) and as adult birthday gifts (58%).

Candle Decoration

However, a major trend occurring in the candle decoration market today is customization and personalization. What can truly augment a customers’ desire for a product is their ability to customize the product for an event or for an individual. In today’s business environment, customization is bigger than ever, and even the largest of companies now customize their products. M&M’s will customize their candy, Nike lets customers pick the colors and designs on their sneakers, and Inkcups has made it simple to customize an individual mug, coaster and apparel items.

Aside from home décor, candles can be customized and used at events such as weddings, baby showers, graduations etc. For weddings, many brides can look to offer favors of candles that match their wedding colors or have a customized label on the jar featuring information that is personalized to the wedding couple. Personalized pictures and many other prints can be printed right onto the label as well. For graduations, layered candles can be used with school colors. Layered candles are excellent because multiple fragrances are offered in the same candle. Layered candles can also, be made in both pillars and containers.

Package innovations with candles can give customers a reason to purchase certain candles or even reuse the packages after the candle has been burned. There are many ways to reuse candles and they can get expensive as well. If one spends $60 (or more) on a single candle, it would make sense to enjoy that luxury purchase for as long as they can. Even after the candle has been burned, the appealing glass container it came in can still be used to beautify or even organize a home. After scooping out the remaining wax from the container and cleaning it, there are endless possibilities for these jars/containers. From using them as a utensil holder, crafting supply holder, planting a flower, or just to hold your toothbrush, consumers can now have the option to reuse their candle jars in many different forms.

Printing on Candles

Candles are also getting more decorative when it comes to their labels. That’s right, many people can surely remember candles they bought that had a dull label or even no label on the container or jar for example. Today, companies have adopted various forms of customizing labels onto the candle jars and containers using stickers, pad printing, screen printing or sublimation.

Cylindrical screen printing is one way to imprint glass candle containers. It is a unique process where the screen moves onto the glass, rotating the vessel while the squeegee is stationary. The glasses are printed one color at a time and then sent through a 400 degree oven. When properly cured, the screen printed glasses adhere to the glass. Pad printing is used for smaller imprints as well as imprints on the lids of the jar candles and the travel candles. This type of printing allows the user to perform complex designs on uneven surfaces. The pad picks up a design from an engraved cliché and places the design on the imprinted substrate. Additionally, sublimation is a multi-step process where images and artwork can be printed on a variety of substrates including glass, ceramic, or glass. Usually, the image is taped onto the item it is being printed on, pre heated and then fully heated (sublimated) onto the candle.

A new type of technology that is being introduced into the market is the ability to inkjet print directly onto a substrate. This type of candle decoration allows one to create fully customized candles in seconds. Not only does the ink cure right after printing, but the process is direct-to-shape.

Candles have a very long history and have gone from being a necessary tool for people hundreds of years ago to an ornamental product today. There are many ways to market candles to customers with artwork personalization, fragrances, shapes, and sizes. There will always be a need for candles as customers look to use them in a variety of ways including events, holidays, gifts or celebrations. The candle industry looks to continue its success in the coming years and with new innovative options to print on, scents, sizes, shapes, etc., candle lovers will be very pleased with where the industry is headed.

Inkcups’ Adam Cohen to Present at SGCD’s Deco 2018

March 27th, 2018 | Author: Garrett Upson

On April 7th, 2018, our very own Adam Cohen, head of sales in the Northeast Territory, will be presenting at the 2018 Deco trade show in Columbus, Ohio. Adam has over 20 years of industry experience with a strong focus in the promotional and drinkware industries. He fully understands the problems customers are facing in today’s market and works hard to solve those problems.

Deco, held by the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products (SGCD), is a trade show that brings designers, decorators, and marketers of glass, ceramic, and related products together for two days of speakers and a half day of exhibiting. Some topics discussed include maximizing profitability, technical applications, regulatory compliance, and new methods for decorating.

For this show, Adam will be presenting on the state of the drinkware industry and how companies are incorporating personalization and customization into printing on glass and ceramic substrates. From the state of the drinkware industry, he will flow into how our innovative rotary inkjet printer, the Helix®, and how it is making a significant impact in the market with its latest technological advances. With its direct-to-object cylindrical printing, the Helix® can print superior quality single or multi-color images on many forms of substrates including but not limited to candles, spirit bottles, mixing glasses, and wine bottles.

For more information about Deco 2018, visit: http://www.sgcd.org/Conference_and_Tradeshow/

Inkcups Attends FESPA ASIA 2018 Trade Show

February 22nd, 2018 | Author: Garrett Upson

Inkcups team at FESPA 2018!

FESPA Asia in Bangkok Thailand is underway. From February 22nd-24th, we are putting on display our B100 pad printer, new Brite White tagless pad printer, ICN-2200 pad printer, our Cobalt ONE laser engraver, and Cobalt 2000 laser engraver.

FESPA Asia 2018 is expected to attract around 5,000 buyers from more than 60 countries, with the largest delegations coming from Thailand, Singapore, India, China and Malaysia, who are printers, sign makers, designers, marketers, advertisers, business people, investors and entrepreneurs in the wide format print and signage community.We are very excited about this trade show as it is our first time showcasing our products in Bangkok!

Below is a quick overview of our products we are featuring at FESPA 2018.


The B100 is a high speed, dynamic, single color sealed cup pad printer and presents a myriad of distinctive features and capabilities. The B100 pad printer has been one of our best-sellers for 1-color printing of plastic parts, promotional products, medical and electronic devices.

Brite WhiteNew!

Presenting a new tagless pad printer from Inkcups, the Brite White! This pad printer is changing the way the tagless industry prints making it more efficient and easy to use. With the Brite White’s new technology, it can print highly opaque white or light-colored ink directly onto dark substrates without a loss in opacity. It is perfect for printing on dark sports fabric and fleece


The ICN-2200L is a heavy duty 2 color sealed cup pad printer with a linear conveyor. The linear conveyor is ideal for situations where future production volumes are unknown or are likely to increase. The machine can print 1800 impressions per hour for 1 color or 1000 impressions per hour for 2 colors. The ICN-2200L also has an XYR micro-adjust plate holder, allowing the user to get accurate prints every time. The ICN-2200L is fast and simple to use.

Cobalt ONENew!

The Cobalt One is a new laser plate machine and is a much improved and upgraded version of previous Cobalt machines. Although small in size, the Cobalt ONE has many features including an integrated computer system, a USB 3.0 port to effortlessly upload artwork and a compact footprint that allows the machine to fit in small spaces which is much different from any other laser plate etching machine on the market.

Cobalt 2000

The Cobalt 2000 is the most affordable plate maker Inkcups has created as the machine is engineered for both large and small printing facilities. The Cobalt 2000’s innovative pad printing plate maker was developed internally by Inkcups engineers. The machine contains Patent Pending WFC Technology and enables the etching of precise, fine line graphics quickly and easily. Intended for the AccuLaze® laser plate material, depth is continuously reliable with up to four images per plate.

FESPA 2018

Inkcups Heads to Poland for the RemaDays EXPO!

February 8th, 2018 | Author: Garrett Upson

Inkcups has started off 2018 on a tremendous note. After new product releases and successful trade shows in Las Vegas, Germany and Long Beach, we have headed to the Ptak Warsaw EXPO exhibition center, for the 14th edition of the International Advertising and Printing Trade Fair RemaDays 2018. From February 7th-9th, Inkcups along with almost 800 exhibitors from Poland and abroad present their innovations. Inkcups will be featuring an assortment of products that include the cutting edge rotary inkjet printer Helix, laser plate maker  the Cobalt 2000 and the ever so dependable B100 pad printer.

Helix drawing interest at Remadays 2018!

Helix Lion Design from RemaDays!
















We have already begun showcasing our products at the expo and if you are in the Warsaw area looking for either pad printing, laser engraving or inkjet needs, stop by our booth to view some of our amazing products which are listed below!


The Helix® has revolutionized the printing industry as the machine is the go to choice to print custom images on drink ware, cosmetics, straight-walled and tapered cylinders and more. The image of the rainbow lion (above) printed on a plastic cup is just one of the numerous combinations the helix can print on. Once a cylinder or drink ware item such as glassware, a tumbler or sports bottle is placed into the Helix®, the item is rotated at 360 degrees and the image is digitally printed right on the item. The Helix® is a groundbreaking machine which can also print 4 parts/minute in CMYKWW.

Cobalt 2000

The Cobalt 2000 is the most affordable plate maker Inkcups has created. The Cobalt 2000 is engineered for both large and small printing facilities as the Cobalt 2000’s innovative pad printing plate maker was developed internal by Inkcups engineers. The machine contains Patent Pending WFC Technology and enables the etching of precise, fine line graphics quickly and easily. Intended for the AccuLaze® laser plate material, depth is continuously reliable with up to four images per plate.


The B100 is a high speed, dynamic, single color sealed cup pad printer and presents a myriad of distinctive features and capabilities. The B100 pad printer has been one of our best-sellers for 1-color printing of plastic parts, promotional products, medical and electronic devices. In addition, thousands of B100s equipped with Tagless garment fixtures are installed and working at apparel factories.

The Helix’s Impressive Digital Direct-to-Container Prints Make a Lasting Impression in Promotional Markets

January 12th, 2018 | Author: Garrett Upson

“Promotional drinkware has always been a strong category for us,” describes Ben Adner, CEO of Inkcups, where he is referring to the company’s state of the art Helix machine. This revolutionary machine was showcased at the 2017 SGIA trade show where Inkcups displayed a number of products they offer. The Helix was also published in the 2017 SGIA journal which provide in depth articles about the printing and garment industry. The Helix solves the impractically of printing short run production and in Inkcups case, printing in the promotional drinkware markets. Whether it is stainless steel, plastics or glass, the Helix can print 360 degree, full color high quality graphics in CMYK plus white and varnish, using LED UV-cured inks seamlessly onto drinkware items. “From barware to licensing, the Helix is extremely flexible,” Adner explained.

Customers of Inkcups enjoy using the company’s user friendly software where they can simply upload a photo of the image they would like to the website and have it printed using the Helix. “Were finding a lot more customers in different marketplaces are interested in digital printing on cylinders” said Adner. “Colleges, professional sports, TV shows, Disney and all licensed product markets require high-quality multi-color graphics.”

Take George Schmutz, owner of Printing Concepts based out of Stow, Ohio who raved about the Helix’s tremendous job of printing his logo and slogan on 100 waters bottles. The set up time of printing this type of short run project is under five minutes using a single tooling fixture designed for both cylinder and tapered parts. The Helix significantly speeds up the time of production without having to use screen printing which can be used for long run production times. Schmutz then sent the artwork to Inkcups in both PANTONE and a four color process to make sure the artwork was matched correctly.

The finished product was stunning as the promotional drinkware items had a very sleek and exquisite image printed on the bottle. For those looking to print in the specialty advertising or promotional industries, the possibilities for the Helix are endless!

Inkcups Launches Brand New Tagless Printing Website

October 13th, 2017 | Author: Garrett Upson
Tagless Printing

New Tagless Printing Website















Why Inkcups’ Brand New Tagless Printing Website Will Benefit Customers New and Old

If you or your company are ready to go Tagless in the printing industry, Inkcups has you fully covered. Inkcups, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art printing equipment, supplies, and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel, and industrial markets worldwide, have launched a brand new website with a particular focus on Tagless printing. Tagless.inkcups.com is going to aid and function as an informational tool for anyone at each stage of the buying process in the garment industry.

Visit the Inkcups Tagless Printing website here: https://tagless.inkcups.com/

Website Advantages and Features

For those just entering the industry, the new Tagless website includes an all-inclusive guide to successfully set-up, perform, and maintain a Tagless printing operation. The site breaks down the Tagless printing benefits and attributes of the equipment, various products, videos and services. As an additional benefit, the site also offers a product package builder to assist in choosing the appropriate equipment and supplies necessary to go Tagless.

Why Tagless Printing?

Say farewell to the traditional tear-away tags as label-free printing (Tagless printing) is revolutionizing the printing industry! Tagless printing is a moderately innovative way of tag labeling on garment products. Tagless Pad Printing is also, the most economical alternative to heat transfer or sewn-in labels. In turn, this method decreases the per-label cost, saves time and increases quality for products.

What Is Tagless Pad Printing?

A Pad Printing machine uses a silicone print pad to collect printing ink from an etched cliché (plate), which then transfers it to the part. Unlike Screen Printing or Heat Transfer which at this point is outdated technology, Pad Printing applies an extremely thin layer of ink, which causes the print to be softly and directly applied on the garment. This advanced printing technology allows Inkcups to instantly print numerous custom prints on a great variety of products from clothes to footwear.

Inkcups’ new website provides assistance and a myriad of information for customers new and old interested in Tagless printing technology. For more information about going Tagless with Inkcups, please contact us.

Introducing the CobaltONE Fiber Laser

August 30th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
CobaltONE laser etching machine

All new CobaltONE

For over a decade, Inkcups has continued to raise the bar for lasers in the plate-making industry. Inkcups takes pride in developing the laser plate-making process and continuing to enhance the experience for their customers. Inkcups is the pioneer of laser plate etching machines.

Be it a CO2, YAG or Fiber laser, Inkcups’ solutions appeal to the pad printing market as a whole. From the Cobalt 250 to the Cobalt 3000, each laser released has continued to push the laser plate-making industry forward by introducing new technology.

Inkcups has developed a number of lasers; each containing feature improvements over the last. Following this mindset, the company has decided to create the CobaltONE. This new and improved laser plate etching machine incorporates everything learned over the years into ONE, groundbreaking machine. The Cobalt ONE utilizes the latest in fiber laser technology, offering the smallest dot size resulting in the finest images. Etch Inkcups’ patented Cobalt Laser Plates, get more impressions, better doctoring, and a finer etch compared to other plate materials. Additionally, as always, the CobaltONE uses direct computer to plate etching. You now have the ability to print quickly, consistently, and affordably. By using the fully integrated computer system, the user can change-over artwork with the simple click of a button.

The CobaltONE also has a smaller footprint allowing the user to more easily integrate it into any work space. Eliminate the use of multiple components and just use ONE machine; ONE machine that will bring your laser plate etching to the next level; ONE machine that will save you space, time, and money. ONE machine, known as the CobaltONE.

For more information, visit: http://www.inkcups.com/equipment/laser-engravers-and-plate-makers/laser-plate-etching-machine/Default.aspx

The PN Ink Series Makes its Debut

August 9th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

All new PN Series by Inkcups


The PN Ink Series by Inkcups is a direct replacement of the DP Series Ink, offering more benefits in terms of color, quality, and adhesion. The PN Series ink is specially designed to be a high-gloss, fast-curing, and strong-adhering ink. Available as a one- or two-component (can be mixed with hardener) ink, PN offers higher quality prints and a wider variety of substrate adhesion than its counterpart, the DP Series. Print on treated and untreated polypropylene, treated polyester, metal, lacquered surfaces, and polyurethane with ease.

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Promotion! Save Time and Money by Purchasing our Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

August 1st, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

Inkcups Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit.



Although Inkcups pad printing machines are made to last, there always comes a risk with technology. For any part that needs to be changed on a pad printer, more likely than not, you will need to order the part thus losing valuable production time. To combat this issue, Inkcups decided to create spare part kits that are available for immediate purchase. This month, we are highlighting our pad printing spare parts kit. This kit comes with essential pieces needed to quickly get your production back up and running. Purchasing this kit will yield a 23% cost savings! No brainer, right?


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Inkcups Now Rebrands to Match Company’s Essence

July 26th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Inkcups New Logo

Inkcups reveals new branding.

Inkcups is the world’s leading provider of innovative printing equipment, supplies, and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel, and industrial markets worldwide. Founded in 2001 by CEO Ben Adner, Inkcups has proven itself in the industry; not only as a company who provides groundbreaking products, but also as a company who works with their customers by guiding, teaching, and ensuring a solution is found to meet their goals.

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