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Inkcups Launches Brand New Tagless Printing Website

October 13th, 2017 | Author: Garrett Upson
Tagless Printing

New Tagless Printing Website















Why Inkcups’ Brand New Tagless Printing Website Will Benefit Customers New and Old

If you or your company are ready to go Tagless in the printing industry, Inkcups has you fully covered. Inkcups, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art printing equipment, supplies, and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel, and industrial markets worldwide, have launched a brand new website with a particular focus on Tagless printing. Tagless.inkcups.com is going to aid and function as an informational tool for anyone at each stage of the buying process in the garment industry.

Visit the Inkcups Tagless Printing website here: https://tagless.inkcups.com/

Website Advantages and Features

For those just entering the industry, the new Tagless website includes an all-inclusive guide to successfully set-up, perform, and maintain a Tagless printing operation. The site breaks down the Tagless printing benefits and attributes of the equipment, various products, videos and services. As an additional benefit, the site also offers a product package builder to assist in choosing the appropriate equipment and supplies necessary to go Tagless.

Why Tagless Printing?

Say farewell to the traditional tear-away tags as label-free printing (Tagless printing) is revolutionizing the printing industry! Tagless printing is a moderately innovative way of tag labeling on garment products. Tagless Pad Printing is also, the most economical alternative to heat transfer or sewn-in labels. In turn, this method decreases the per-label cost, saves time and increases quality for products.

What Is Tagless Pad Printing?

A Pad Printing machine uses a silicone print pad to collect printing ink from an etched cliché (plate), which then transfers it to the part. Unlike Screen Printing or Heat Transfer which at this point is outdated technology, Pad Printing applies an extremely thin layer of ink, which causes the print to be softly and directly applied on the garment. This advanced printing technology allows Inkcups to instantly print numerous custom prints on a great variety of products from clothes to footwear.

Inkcups’ new website provides assistance and a myriad of information for customers new and old interested in Tagless printing technology. For more information about going Tagless with Inkcups, please contact us.

Introducing the CobaltONE Fiber Laser

August 30th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
CobaltONE laser etching machine

All new CobaltONE

For over a decade, Inkcups has continued to raise the bar for lasers in the plate-making industry. Inkcups takes pride in developing the laser plate-making process and continuing to enhance the experience for their customers. Inkcups is the pioneer of laser plate etching machines.

Be it a CO2, YAG or Fiber laser, Inkcups’ solutions appeal to the pad printing market as a whole. From the Cobalt 250 to the Cobalt 3000, each laser released has continued to push the laser plate-making industry forward by introducing new technology.

Inkcups has developed a number of lasers; each containing feature improvements over the last. Following this mindset, the company has decided to create the CobaltONE. This new and improved laser plate etching machine incorporates everything learned over the years into ONE, groundbreaking machine. The Cobalt ONE utilizes the latest in fiber laser technology, offering the smallest dot size resulting in the finest images. Etch Inkcups’ patented Cobalt Laser Plates, get more impressions, better doctoring, and a finer etch compared to other plate materials. Additionally, as always, the CobaltONE uses direct computer to plate etching. You now have the ability to print quickly, consistently, and affordably. By using the fully integrated computer system, the user can change-over artwork with the simple click of a button.

The CobaltONE also has a smaller footprint allowing the user to more easily integrate it into any work space. Eliminate the use of multiple components and just use ONE machine; ONE machine that will bring your laser plate etching to the next level; ONE machine that will save you space, time, and money. ONE machine, known as the CobaltONE.

For more information, visit: http://www.inkcups.com/equipment/laser-engravers-and-plate-makers/laser-plate-etching-machine/Default.aspx

The PN Ink Series Makes its Debut

August 9th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

All new PN Series by Inkcups


The PN Ink Series by Inkcups is a direct replacement of the DP Series Ink, offering more benefits in terms of color, quality, and adhesion. The PN Series ink is specially designed to be a high-gloss, fast-curing, and strong-adhering ink. Available as a one- or two-component (can be mixed with hardener) ink, PN offers higher quality prints and a wider variety of substrate adhesion than its counterpart, the DP Series. Print on treated and untreated polypropylene, treated polyester, metal, lacquered surfaces, and polyurethane with ease.

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Promotion! Save Time and Money by Purchasing our Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

August 1st, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit

Inkcups Pad Printing Spare Parts Kit.



Although Inkcups pad printing machines are made to last, there always comes a risk with technology. For any part that needs to be changed on a pad printer, more likely than not, you will need to order the part thus losing valuable production time. To combat this issue, Inkcups decided to create spare part kits that are available for immediate purchase. This month, we are highlighting our pad printing spare parts kit. This kit comes with essential pieces needed to quickly get your production back up and running. Purchasing this kit will yield a 23% cost savings! No brainer, right?


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Inkcups Now Rebrands to Match Company’s Essence

July 26th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Inkcups New Logo

Inkcups reveals new branding.

Inkcups is the world’s leading provider of innovative printing equipment, supplies, and solutions to customers in the promotional, apparel, and industrial markets worldwide. Founded in 2001 by CEO Ben Adner, Inkcups has proven itself in the industry; not only as a company who provides groundbreaking products, but also as a company who works with their customers by guiding, teaching, and ensuring a solution is found to meet their goals.

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The Helix Rotary Inkjet Printer is Here!

May 18th, 2017 | Author: Stephen
Rotary Inkjet Printer

Rotary inkjet printer for straight walled and tapered cylinders.

We’ve done it again..

We’ve optimized our latest direct-to-object technology, the Helix, to give our customers even more flexibility! Introducing Mirror UV inkjet Printing and Contour UV Inkjet Printing by the Helix.

Mirror Print- Print your graphic on any transparent substrate (such as glass) and see it from every angle! Our mirror print allows you to promote your company on the outside of the glass as well as on the inside.

Contour Print- Want to give your graphic some texture? Our Contour print can give your tumbler or pint glass a 3D effect. Choose which parts you want to jump out and the Helix will apply more ink to those areas. The end result is a one-of-a-kind print.



Introducing the next evolution of the rotary inkjet printer. The Helix is designed to print superior quality single or multicolored images for straight-walled and tapered cylinders – ideal for the drink-ware, cosmetic and industrial industries. Printing on bottles couldn’t be any easier! The Helix minimizes part setup time with a single, advanced quick-change tooling fixture designed for both cylinder or tapered parts.

Prepress and screen making are eliminated by this all-digital process. Simply import the image, choose the quantity for production and print directly to the product with user- friendly software. The Helix rotary inkjet printer achieves a superior balance between speed and image quality due to its patented Helix software which places 7 picoliter drops of ink precisely along the cylinder at extremely high speed. The Helix is a heavy-duty state-of-the-art machine designed and built by the Inkcups Now team in the U.S.A.

The Costs and Benefits of Pad Printing on Apparel

March 16th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos
Tagless Items

Tagless apparel pad printed by Inkcups

Say goodbye to your typical tear-away tags, label-free printing is here to stay! You may have seen popular t-shirt companies switch from a white sewn-in label to a print directly on your shirt. While many have sighed with instant relief, others have questioned the whereabouts of this tag that they intended to rip off anyway. The answer: companies have gone tagless.

There are numerous benefits of switching to Tagless; starting from the obvious increase in comfort for the consumer to ensuring your branding stays on the shirt and is not cutoff or destroyed. Once you have decided to “go tagless” there are a few methods to choose from: pad printing, heat transfer and screen printing. For this post, we will discuss pad printing.

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3 Platemaking Methods all Pad Printers Should Know

March 1st, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

In pad printing, one of the key pieces of equipment to make an impression is the plate (also known as a Cliché). The plate holds the etch which then gets flooded with ink and eventually pressed onto the substrate with a pad. To etch a plate, you will either need to purchase a laser, exposure unit or outsource the platemaking where the same processes will be used. Each technique works differently and will depend on the type of etch you’d like to achieve

  • Exposure Units-
    • Exposure units utilize UV light, photosensitive plates, film positives and other chemicals to engrave plates. This process has a number of consumables and takes longer to produce a plate than computer to print methods.
  • CO2 Laser-
    • These lasers utilize a dot pattern perfect for larger logos and images. Polymer plates are used in this type of printing as CO2 lasers are not easily absorbed by metal. C02 lasers are much more flexible and allow you to choose from a number of plate materials. Additionally, they require very little maintenance.
  • YAG Laser (Ytterbium or YAG fiber laser)-
    • A laser that has a wavelength that is 10 times smaller than the CO2 wavelength resulting in a smaller dot size. YAG lasers provide the highest detailed graphics by using a hatch pattern vs a dot pattern. This type of laser is primarily used in tagless applications where small lettering is required. Conversely, they are easily absorbed by metals but not easily absorbed by other materials.

Each method has its own pros and cons but the computer to plate techniques require the least amount of consumables and upkeep.

The All New XJET800 is Here

February 15th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

New products at Inkcups

The XJET800 is the all new UV/LED industrial inkjet printer from Inkcups Now designed for high volume production demand. Featuring the latest in print head technology: the Ricoh Gen 5 print head allows for a higher quality print at a fraction of the time- effectively increasing production speed.

The XJET800 has a large print area of 800 x 600mm (31.5” x 23.6”) with a 10” adjustable vertical height. Much like the XJET, the XJET800 comes equipped with Inkcups’ patented programmable servo controlled load station (Patent No. 9,221,281 B2). Print an entire bed of parts while loading new parts to be printed. Never slow down production.

Printing is completely customizable, featuring: High-speed Uni- or Bi-directional printing, Variable Resolution settings up to 1200dpi and Variable dot size (7pl, 14pl, 21pl.) The ink system is state of the art, featuring: a highly opaque white, automatic white ink maintenance, automatic negative pressure ink maintenance system and a bulk ink system.

For more information about the XJET800, please visit: http://www.inkcups.com/equipment/industrial-uv-inkjet-printers/uv-inkjet-printer/Default.aspx 


Compare your Inkjet Printer

February 7th, 2017 | Author: Jessica Makrinos

There are many different manufacturers of inkjet printers out there- which leads many to the problem of ‘which one should I choose’? It is difficult to keep track of all this information so we did the dirty work for you! Check out this awesome chart outlining some of the important features you may be interested in researching:

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