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PadsDecember 21, 2018

When to Change a Pad Printing Pad

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Wear and tear is common when using a product non-stop however, understanding when to change a pad printing pad is imperative in this process. Although most pad printing equipment is built to last, there are some components that must be changed regularly to ensure you are getting a solid print. One of the most important components is the pad.

How do you know when you need to change a pad printing pad? 

This is the tell-tale sign that you REALLY need to purchase new pads.


Think of pad printing pads as a stamp. When picking up the print from the plate, the pad will absorb a microscopic amount of the ink. Over time, the pad print hardeners in the ink will break down the material of the pad. Resulting in a smoother top to the pad and an overall discoloration of the pad. Additionally, depending on which type used, the pad may harden.

Why does it matter?

The number one reason to change your pad is to ensure the best print quality. Technicians will spend hours trying to find a “good” spot on an old pad when in reality, purchasing a new one is easier and saves time.

Our Recommendations

  • Speak to your pad distributor to calculate how many prints you can get out of the pad you are purchasing and how often you should be changing them.
  • Keep an assortment of pads in your production facility. Don’t try to use the same pad for different images- they all pick up ink on different parts of the pad.
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