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Tagless PrintingJune 18, 2020

Tagless Pad Printing Guide

Tagless Printing
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Download the free Tagless Pad Printing Guide to learn more about our tagless systems.

What is tagless printing?

Tagless printing is a broad term. This could reference screen printing labels, utilizing heat transfer labels or pad printing labels. As outlined in the what is tagless label printing, each method has its own benefits, but none stack-up to the overall efficiency and sustainability of tagless pad printing.

What are the consumables associated with tagless pad printing?

From a high-level, the consumables associated with tagless pad printing are as follows:

Pad Printer

First and most importantly is the pad printer itself. For tagless pad printing applications, the recommendation is a 1- or 2-color machine. Diving deeper into the type of machine, companies can also look into the maximum image size of the pad printer. An example would be the B100 which uses a 90 mm ink cup to print an image up to 80 mm (3.14″) in diameter.¬†As the tagless pad printing guide mentions, there is one key piece that is needed to get your pad printer to run.

Laser Plate-Maker

Laser plate-making is an easy and fast way to create plates for pad printing. Although there are other methods for plate-making, we suggest a laser plate-maker for those companies who need to constantly label different sized garments with different graphics.


For tagless pad printing, the SB Series is the perfect solution. It has been thoroughly tested and passes all major compliance certifications.

Cups, Rings, Pads & More

Additional supplies include ink cups, rings, pads and other ink additives to ensure your label sticks.

If you are familiar with pad printing, you can see that the process is the same. The only differences are in some of the consumables.

Want to know more? Download the tagless pad printing guide

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