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Tagless PrintingApril 5, 2018

Brite White Looks to Revolutionize Apparel Industry

Tagless Printing
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Brite Tagless

Presenting a new tagless pad printer from Inkcups, the Brite! Changing the way the tagless industry prints, the Brite is dramatically improving pad printing print quality.

The Brite Tagless Pad Printer Advantage

Alternatively, past pad printer’s opacity of light ink would lose its form and therefore, the color of the tag would fade on dark substrates. However, with the Brite’s technology, the user can easily achieve a highly opaque white or light-colored print directly onto A dark substrate without a loss in opacity. The Brite tagless pad printer is perfect for printing on dark sports fabric and fleece. The print color is stunning compared to older pad printing technology. Just take a look at the images below to see the difference.

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