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Tagless PrintingNovember 17, 2022

Printing on Jackets with the ICN-200

Tagless Printing
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As New England begins to experience freezing temperatures, let’s explore the possibilities of tagless printing  on outerwear, specifically winter jackets. Printing on jackets with the ICN-200 will allow for larger image size than that of industry standard.

When you hear the terms, “tagless printing” one might first picture exactly as the name implies, a piece of clothing with a tag printed in place of a tear-away tag. However, tagless printing can translate to numerous different things. For instance, the front pocket or back of a garment is a perfectly acceptable place for names, logos, or event details to be pad printed on.

Opportunities to Print on Jackets with ICN-200

We have identified three locations on a winter coat that the ICN-200 could easily print on: the front breast pocket area, the upper arm portion of the sleeve, and the back of the jacket. On top of that, the ICN-200 is perfectly capable for printing traditional tagless label inside the jacket as well.

Due to their accommodating nature, pad printers can print on a wide variety of surfaces. While this article is highlighting three specific areas to pad print on, the sky is the limit. Contact a sales representative near to you to answer any further questions you may have.

In 2022 one would be hard pressed to find a winter jacket that doesn’t have a logo somewhere on a jacket. Save time and money by pad printing the logo rather than screen printing, adhering a patch, or stitching it thanks to the ICN-200. Winter jackets are often single color or patterned print leaving the apparent opportunity to adorn the jacket with a bold print. Logos are generally printed on the left breast of the jacket. The back of the jacket is another common place to stich or print a logo. Luxury brands tend to stich logos on the upper arm of winter jackets, another area that the ICN-200 could easily pad print on.

Get to know the ICN-200 for Tagless Applications

The ICN-200 is traditionally not used for tagless applications, but as of late we’ve seen more demand for it in that sense. The ICN-200 200mm Large Image Pad Printing Machine is ideal for printing single color logos, and images up to 7.5” in diameter. As the name implies it holds a 200mm sealed ink cup and can accommodate printing on items up to 11.7” tall. Due to the nature of outerwear, the height capabilities are not needed, but the large ink cup size allows for flexibility of print size.

The ICN-200 comes as a sturdy base cabinet assembly standing 60″ tall. Originally intended for industrial products and plastic modeled products, Inkcups has noticed it’s calling for large sized tagless applications.

Did you know Inkcups has brochures for almost all of our products? These are great resources for preliminary research when considering which Inkcups printing machine is right for your business! Check out the ICN-200 Brochure here.

Another resource we provide that will further your knowledge on many areas is our Blog. We recently wrote an entire blog post dedicated to the ICN-200 for Tagless Applications Spotlight, read about it here. This article goes into more detail about the machine itself, and the inks that can be used with it.

Ink for Pad Printing on Winter Jackets

Inkcups offers three specially formulated inks specifically formulated for fabrics: SB Eco Series for Apparel Tags, SB Ink for Apparel Tags, and SB Brite Opaque Garment Printer Ink. All three of these inks can withstand countless washes, shows soft-hand properties, and will not crack.

Things to Consider When Printing on Winter Jackets

While the primary function of the winter jacket is warmth, some offer waterproofing as well. The waterproofing of a jacket can create an issue with adhesion when pad printing on the article. For simplicity sake, we find the greatest success printing on those that are not waterproofed, such as packable jackets, puffer jackets, and parkas.

As always, reach our to our Inkcups tagless team with any questions or products you’d like to try printing on!


Other tagless applications: surgical gowns. Read about Crye Precision here.

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