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Industry UpdateDecember 6, 2018

Have a Drink! Screen Printing on Growlers

Industry Update
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printing on growlers
Screen Printing Machine


With the recent surge of breweries, bars and restaurants all over offering up unique craft beer selections, customers have a growing demand for their favorite brew. What was once a brew you could only enjoy at the facility in which it was manufactured; customers are now given the option to take their favorite beer home in a growler. The heavy glass structure of the growler is the go-to option for packaging beer directly from a keg.

Inkcups Now has the ideal machine to print customized labels, logos, or images directly onto the growler. The M-25 screen printing machine from Inkcups Now is the one and only machine built for growlers. The M-25 was designed to be a heavy, robust machine that can handle large cylindrical parts that are heavy in weight. This screen printing machine can print on large diameter bottles of nearly any size!

Printed Growlers with a Screen printing machine

Printed Growlers with a Screen printing machine

The growler market is completely untapped! There are few printers available for growlers and those who own an M-25 screen printing machine is one step ahead of the competition. There is growing demand for customized growlers, yet not enough screen printing machine shops with the right equipment to fill that demand.

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  • Jessica

    Hi Hannah, Thank you for your comment! While this is possible with the Helix or X360, we only sell the equipment to print on items. We do not do any printing ourselves. If you are interested in bringing printing in-house, feel free to contact us!

    February 18, 2020
  • Hannah

    I'm wanting to produce 14 growlers with different artwork on each of them. Is this possible? If so, how long does printing and shipping typically take? They would be shipped to Upland, IN. Thank you!

    February 6, 2020

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