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Tagless PrintingMarch 17, 2010

Multi-Color Tagless Printing

Tagless Printing
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Make that apparel look even better and add depth to an otherwise plain object with multi-color tagless printing!

The following tagless printing video shows the basic principle of multi-color printing with the ICN-2500 pad printing machine. The printer uses 3 pads (up to 4 total if necessary). Thus, adding more color to tagless garments. Once the ink cups are filled with ink, each pad will be dipping into a different colored ink with only one part of the overall design. You see the pads pressed onto the fixture, where you would position the garment, in order to complete the desired multi-colored design.

The ICN-2500 tagless pad printing machine offers a wide variety of features that allow the user to print the highest quality images with the greatest of ease.

Designed for rapid job setup, the ICN-2500 contains a programmable shuttle table and quick-release locking handles on pad and cup assemblies. Multi-color tagless printing is just as fast and easy as using a single colored image!

Printer used in this project:
Type: Semi-Automatic Pad Printer
Brand: ICN-2500
Model: Three Color
Standard applications: neck tagless labels, pens, stress balls, other metal, and plastic parts…
Unconventional applications: cookies, contact lenses
More info: ICN-2500 Tagless Pad Printer page

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Tagless Printing
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Tagless Printing
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