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Inkjet PrintingMarch 14, 2024

Learn about the Advantages of Digital Printing

Inkjet Printing
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Although digital printing isn’t a novel decoration method, its technology constantly evolves to address customer concerns and industry needs. Inkcups pioneered digital drinkware manufacturing in 2009 and introduced digital flatbed printers even earlier. Whether termed as digital printing, direct-to-object printing, or by any other name, the advantages of digital printing is vast compared to traditional methods.  

In the industry, there has been a noticeable transition from mass production to shorter and medium-sized print runs, highlighting the significance of customization. This trend is exemplified by microbreweries, which have shifted from producing millions of cans with a single label to offering limited edition brews with unique packaging in real-time. This shift has sparked a significant craze within the industry. With this, there has been a huge shift from traditional labels, allowing digital printing to enter and shine. Digital printing is the process in which a digital image is printed directly onto a product with UV digital inks and instantly cured with UV light.  

Digital Equipment Available from Inkcups 

Inkcups provides a comprehensive range of printing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s market. Our offerings include UV flatbed printers, cylindrical inkjet printers, and specialized variations of both, designed to cater to the increasingly popular applications. 

Our UV flatbed printers excel in reproducing vibrant, full-color graphics on flat and gently curved surfaces, spanning materials such as glass, plastic, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, and more. With versatility suitable for industrial, promotional, and various other sectors, Inkcups offers a selection of five distinct UV flatbed printers. Find out the differences between each of our UV flatbed Printers here.  

On the cylindrical printing front, our machines are adept at decorating both straight-walled and tapered vessels. These UV cylindrical printers serve a multitude of industries, including the drinkware, barware, spirits, craft brew (including cans and bottles), candle markets, and beyond. Explore our full line of Cylindrical Inkjet Printers 


Overview of Advantages of Digital Printing 

  • Customization & Personalization  
  • Print innovation that cannot be replicated 
  • E-Commerce capabilities 
  • Sustainable  

Customization & Personalization with Digital Printing 

A significant strategy for brands to establish a meaningful connection with their customers is through personalization, perhaps one of the top advantages of digital printing. A timely example of this approach is seen with General Mills’ Cheerios, drawing inspiration from the successful ‘share a Coke’ campaign. General Mills now enables their customers to personalize cartoons of Cheerios, a feature facilitated by the Inkcups XJET Switch printer. Leveraging variable data capabilities, each piece can be customized with distinct names, messages, or graphics within the same artwork. This functionality proves invaluable not only for companies offering personalized drinkware but also for a broader range of products, as demonstrated by the Cheerio boxes. This expansion highlights the potential for personalization to extend beyond drinkware, enriching brand interactions across various product lines. 

Read: Mass Customization of Packaging Makes Cheerios’ Heart Campaign Tick  

Print Innovation 

Digital Printing allows for the most innovative print design offered in the industry. Often, these innovations mirror other methods, but, can all be achieved with a single digital machine. For instance, a Helix ® cylindrical inkjet can print mirror print, lustre effect, full coverage, tone-on-tone, and contour print, which all mimic different comparable methods. Please note these innovative print techniques can be achieved on the following cylindrical printers: the Helix®, Helix®+, Double Helix®, and Revolution®.  

Print innovation is not limited to our cylindrical inkjet offers, but also translates to applications on our UV flatbed printers, such as the X5. Enjoy reverse mirror print by digitally decorating the bottom of flat glasses, such as rocks glasses. Read in depth: Digital Glass Botton Printing with the X5 

One of the most sought-after innovations is photorealistic quality available due to light cyan and light magenta ink, the Helix® line of cylindrical digital printers can achieve true skin tones offering the most accurate color reproduction available.  


Digital printing offers rapid production capabilities. While the printing duration may vary based on the artwork’s size, the overall process is characterized by its efficiency. Furthermore, advancements in technology have enabled the automation of previously time-consuming tasks such as artwork preparation, thanks to software solutions like ArtPrep®, which generate required print layers automatically, thereby eliminating bottlenecks. 

E-Commerce Capabilities 

Everyone orders online these days, some products are even only available online these days. Customized products or one-offs are a niche that are often only offered online for this reason. The Helix® has print-on-demand capabilities that allows the user to pair with their order management software. By utilizing our patented API along with our barcode scanning system, the Helix® and Double Helix® can connect to eCommerce shops and produce beautifully customized print on demand. 


In contrast to traditional dye-sublimation methods, digital printing emerges as a more environmentally conscious alternative for drinkware printers. By minimizing paper and plastic waste, digital printing presents a stark reduction in environmental impact. Moreover, its precision allows for the production of exact quantities required, effectively eliminating surplus labels and excess stock. 

Similarly, while laser engraving poses challenges with ventilation due to material vaporization, UV digital printing offers a cleaner solution, devoid of harmful particle emissions into the atmosphere. 


One often overlooked advantage of digital printing is its inherent efficiency. How does digital printing excel in efficiency compared to other decoration methods? Firstly, its unparalleled flexibility in meeting varying demands stands out. Digital printing provides the versatility to produce either large print runs or individual prints with minimal lead time. Gone are the days of predicting and ordering labels in excess or shortfall. Today, you can print precisely the quantity required, precisely when it’s needed.  Utilizing a single digital UV cylindrical printer, one can seamlessly switch between short and long production runs. This means that if your initial prediction for the demand of holiday-themed stainless-steel tumblers is 500 units, but then you unexpectedly receive an order for an additional 100 units, accommodating it becomes effortlessly feasible. With digital printing, maintaining lower inventory levels becomes a viable strategy, enabling the printing of smaller batches and subsequently reducing associated storage costs. 


In closing, digital printing emerges not only as a technological marvel but also as a transformative force within the decoration industry. Its ongoing evolution and adaptability have reshaped traditional paradigms, offering a dynamic solution to meet modern consumer demands. From personalized drinkware to intricate designs, digital printing’s versatility and precision redefines the boundaries of creativity while ensuring swift turnaround times. Moreover, its commitment to sustainability, evidenced by reduced waste and emissions, underscores its role as a responsible choice for businesses and the environment alike. As we navigate an ever-changing landscape, digital printing stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, shaping the future of decoration with boundless possibilities. 

Get Started Today!

To get started reaping in the advantages of digitally printing with Inkcups, whether it be a digital cylindrical printer, or a UV flatbed printer, connect with your regional sales manger to discuss your applications and needs. Join others in basking in the digital benefits today.  


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