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Laser Plate-makingJanuary 15, 2010

Laser Engraved Pens Using the YAG Laser Etcher

Laser Plate-making
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laser engraved pens

Update as of July 13, 2022: The Cobalt 1000 has been discontinued but replaced with the Cobalt ONE fiber laser etching machine. While the Cobalt ONE is not meant for engraving parts other than plates or cliches for pad printing, another member of the Cobalt laser family, the Cobalt PRO has the capability to etch a variety of products including laser and exposed polymer plates. Consider the Cobalt PRO the next best choice as a as laser engraver for pens.

Today we etched some laser engraved pens for a customer’s specific design! The process was made easy by using the Cobalt 1000 YAG laser etcher.

The customer sent us specific artwork for the etching on the pen. We started by using a vector image, with that image we then set the YAG laser etcher on high power using 9 wats. To clean up the image we did a second pass over the pens using only 4 watts.

Laser engraved pens are a great way for any business to promote themselves. Pens are more exciting than a plain business card with your company information on it, not to mention you get more use out of a pen. Distribute the laser engraved pens to any potential customer and watch as your sales increase!

Laser etcher used in this project:
Type: YAG Fiber Laser
Brand: Cobalt
Model: 1000
Standard applications: Plate-making, pen engraving, knife engraving, tool engraving…
Unconventional applications: Up to you, just use caution…



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March 3, 2010

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Laser Plate-making
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