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Tagless PrintingSeptember 17, 2018

Inkcups to Hold Tagless Distributor Summit

Tagless Printing
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Tagless Distributor Summit

Starting September 24th, our Distributors from all over the globe will meet at our Headquarters in Danvers, MA for our first Tagless Distributor Summit. This Summit will last 3 days and will consist of hands-on training, discussions regarding new opportunities for our Tagless Line of Business as well as interaction and fun events with all members of the Inkcups Team.

For this Summit, our Tagless Distributors will gain more knowledge and training on Tagless machines such as the B100, B150, 2200PS, and even the Brite Tagless Printer. Additionally, they will learn more about our line-up of laser plate-makers, plates, inks and our other consumables. The goal of this training is to build upon each Distributor’s already expert knowledge of our products and to introduce newly released products.

We are excited to welcome all Distributors to our Headquarters and hope we can further motivate the team!

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