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Tagless PrintingMarch 12, 2018

Inkcups Pad Printing Ink Passes Strict Eco Passport Compliance

Tagless Printing
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The ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® was used to test our tagless pad printing ink for apparel tags. Textile chemical suppliers demonstrate their product is used in a sustainable production environment. Therefore, it is a very important and substantial certification. Designed for brands/retailers, manufacturers of textile chemicals, traders of textile chemicals, sourcing offices, and manufacturers throughout the supply chain industry. Our tagless pad printing ink has passed this comprehensive verification and certification system for textile chemicals, colorants, and auxiliaries.

What does this mean for our Tagless Pad Printing Ink?

Two important verification stages to pass the ECO Passport include:

  • First, chemicals are screened at the ingredient level against OEKO-TEX® Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs) and Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL). As a result, RSL/MRSL Screening is essentially a quick assessment and compliance with legal requirements and OEKO-TEX®. RSL and MRSL compliance ensures alignment with industry initiatives, like ZDHC, as well as legal compliance.
  • Second is an analytical verification where OEKO-TEX® laboratories ensure that certified products can be used in the sustainable production of human-ecologically optimized textiles. As a result, the item is determined safe for the environment.

Benefits of passing the Eco Passport certification:

  • Offering transparency for the chemicals used in textile production through verified results while maintaining confidence for the chemical supplier’s ingredient information.
  • OEKO-TEX® buying guide allows brands, retailers and manufacturers to source sustainable and safe chemical products.
  • ECO PASSPORT certified textile chemicals do not contain any ingredients included on industry-leading Restricted Substance List or Manufacturing Restricted Substance List
  • Ensuring cost efficiency and marketing value with the combination of two complementary verification stages within the comprehensive ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® system.

Inkcups tagless pad printing ink is continuously tested for any harmful chemicals. As a result, we pass rigorous certifications because only the finest ink should meet our customer’s expectations.

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