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Tagless PrintingMarch 19, 2020

Finding the Right Tag Printing Machine for Clothes [Infographic]

Tagless Printing
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What to look for in a tag printing machine for clothes

When analyzing which tag printing machine for clothes is best for you, it is important to ask the right questions. The infographic below outlines some questions as well as navigates you to find the right tag printing machine for clothes necessary for your business needs.


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Do you want to bring tag printing in-house?

The first qualifying question for finding the right tag printing machine for clothes is really analyzing if bringing tag printing in-house makes sense for your business. The benefit of bringing such method in-house is to have complete control over the tag printing process. Meaning, a company can quickly changeover graphics or customize on the spot as well as do away with lead times.

Inkcups offers the full tagless pad printing solution.

Are you tired of long lead times?

Lead times refer to the time it takes to get the product you need to complete your process. While some customers do not need to worry about lead times, to ensure you are differentiating yourself from other companies, it is important to be able to provide your finished product quickly and of high-quality. In addition to the severity of getting product in-house quickly, bringing labeling -house helps to expand your business.

Do you want to save money?

If  you answered no to any of these questions, the next question would be do you want to save money? Bringing your tag printing machine for clothes in-house may be an initial investment, but the return on your investment happens rather quickly. Every business wants to be able to save money while providing the highest quality product and pad printing helps to do so.

Do you want your labels to dry instantly?

If you decided purchasing a tag printing machine for clothes is right for you, then the next question would be if you want your labels to dry instantly. With tagless pad printing, there is no need to dry the product after it is printed. This advantage is why many people love this process. Not only does it save money, it’s fast as well. Heat transfer label making requires a heat press to adhere the labels and screen printed labels need to be run through a dryer, pad printing requires neither.

Further reading:

Do you want your labels to last in the wash without peeling?

Pad printing is a comfortable way of showcasing your branding and required care information. It also does not peel and flake in the wash.

Do you want to be able to print 1000 tags per hour?

The benefit of pad printing is the ability to print at your speed. If you have a high-volume of production, pad printing can accommodate to your necessary speeds. Keep in mind that the maximum speed of the machine is nearly impossible to match by a human. Average production speeds are typically less. In any case, pad printing is a fast process.

Do you want you process to be environmentally friendly?

The final question refers to sustainability. Competing processes, especially heat transfers, produce more waste in the form of oil, plastic, paper and water than pad printing. Learn more about pad printing vs. heat transfers by listening to this podcast: Sustainability in the Printing Industry.

In general, we encourage customers to choose the tag printing machine for clothes that best accommodates their needs. For more information about the tagless process, contact us.

Download the infographic!

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